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Freedom does not translate only into ‘doing what you want’. It is the ability to think beyond the horizon, to interpret without past conditioning, to bring into life a fresh viewpoint and thus reality…!

In India the Sun’s energies are often accessed through the Gayatri Mantra… and yet the Sun is the yang life force, conscious awareness and Spirit itself! And if we dig a little deeper into this we understand that Gayatri is the Suns’ feminine yin aspect. Please note that different aspects are not separate parts! Like a rose is pink and soft; but you can’t separate a rose and its pinkness and softness, other than in speaking or understanding it! They are only different focuses through which you view the One! Shiva & Shakti, yin& yang, consciousness & energy are thus aspects through which we better understand the Whole! Thus are these aspects (when anthropomorphized), often referred to as consorts or offspring of each other! And with this in mind let us view the Sun and Gayatri… aspects of Spirit indeed!

Gayatri is the Divine Intelligence that pervades or is immanent in Spirit! It is what ‘allows’ Spirit to play the cosmic game of Beingness through her ingenuity of the game of separation and ignorance, so that All That Is may become paradoxically more! It is Divine Intelligence that devises the illusion of its own dissolution so that its Oneness can be truly enjoyed and experienced. It is that aspect of Spirit that ‘designs’ universes and galaxies and worlds as tools to explore Self… that designs souls and current selves, time and space, the laws of each dimension …so that each individuation thereof intrinsically and inherently fulfills Sprits reason to be! And if you understand the largesse of the game and the gamut of expression that divine intelligence orchestrates…on the ‘whim’ of Spirit wanting to be…if you view the munificence of its ‘design’ and detailing of its sacred geometries to accomplish the primal desire to Be… we may better stand in awe of Gayatri! For she is an aspect of Void…Cosmic Mother…Shakti …All That Is…from which the more yang Will to Be arises and in which it rests so naturally because it is indeed permeated by divine intelligence, towards its own fulfillment.

And the splendid glorious Sun arises from this feminine aspect of itself and indeed becomes universal life force (thus an aspect of Shiva)…Just as it rises from the seemingly ‘nothingness’ every morning on our planet earth and brings ‘all’ to life! Nature when understood deeply is always symbolic of the macrocosm which it represents! And yet now be aware of the invisibly present Gayatri, Divine Intelligence (aspect of Shakti-void), that permeates every ray and every drop of sunlight, and enables the Sun…Spirit… to shine in all its glory and be the very life force that it is!

For the Sun is indeed conscious awareness of That I Am…and in this awareness is it symbolic of being a vital life force! Let us understand how the terms ‘awareness’ and ‘life force’ (aspects again) are almost synonymous… and you may even understand the concept of Immaculate Conception! Awareness brings something into being…and in that ‘brings’ it to life! Take this off the academic blackboard and think of it in your day- to day- terms: when you become aware of what your friend’s house looks like…it comes into life for you! When you become aware of a shortcut…it comes into life for you and can you use it! When you become aware of any knowledge or tool it comes into life for you ‘within’- and through its reflection- on your ‘outside’ as your reality! This also why awareness is associated with light- for on our human levels light best describes something coming into being…view… and we come back to nature representing this through the Sun! Or the yang electric energy which, we call electricity…lighting up our rooms! This is also why light is knowledge!

And if you glimpse the deeper truth of all of this, surely this is Immaculate Conception? Awareness = giving ‘life to’! Awareness = bringing into being a new third ‘energy’! And this is truly why the sun is ‘life force’ even in nature … germinating seeds into growth…each an utterly unique expression of Spirit! Allowing all species on earth to soak with its invisible Divine Intelligence…awareness…so that each may ‘be’…That which only they can be for the Whole…Spirit!

Also at a deeper level, the ‘sun’ …‘awareness’ and its lighting up All That Is…… is not really shining ‘outwards’ as we may imagine but ‘inwards’ into the void….becoming aware of and thus bringing to life all that exists within Void! We view creation as something that is propelled outwards but truly there is no ‘out’ of All That Is! And this original sun is what has been referred to as the central sun, also shown o the Rider Waite Tarot card called ‘The Fool’ in white…to mark the difference from its reflection in our physical world and what we view as the ‘yellow’ sun!

In ending, let’s invoke Spirit, Sun, Shiva, Divine Intelligence, Shakti and their Awareness and Life force through our chakras …gateways to our Mind and Energy Fields…

Om bhur – bhuva – swaha ( chakras 1-3 corresponding to each dimension of awareness)
Om Maha – Jana – Tapa – Satyam (chakras 4-7beyond the sun and solar system)
Tat Savitur Varenyam (accessing ‘higher’ realms through higher chakras)
Bhargo devasya dheemahi! (accessing Universal consciousness, Shiva- Shakti)
Dhiyyona prachodayat... (May we receive...)

Love from my heart to yours
As I share this grace that I received in meditation with Gayatri Devi
Divyaa Kummar

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