THOUGHTS CREATE- a quick piece on an in-depth subject!
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Hi, a quickie note on a vast subject

There is a big difference in thoughts, feelings & beliefs though we use these words intermittently!

Thoughts can be academic & intellectual but your feelings tell you the truth about yr thoughts! You may think you are confident about some project…but if you feel queasy you really are not! (Or vice versa) Thus thoughts are what you think you think; feelings give you a clue to what the subconscious truth (belief) is! Beliefs are thus often subconscious- your energy signature indeed- on any given aspect- impacting energy 24/7 towards taking shape; and you often think only your thoughts create! Beliefs are often built by repeated recurring thoughts and a continued focus on the thought- and before you know it – it’s becoming a belief- whether you consciously accept that as your belief or not! As something becomes a belief- positive or negative …it will be accompanied by commiserate ‘feelings’-a big clue to determine your beliefs! Sometimes beliefs are the sanskars-latent impressions you come with in any current life towards experiencing …and expanding / disempowering them- what is called evolution!

NOW WE ALL KNOW THAT THOUGHTS MATTER…. THEY BECOME THE MATTER OF YOUR LIVES!We live in a field of pure energy which is our raw material…and our thoughts shape it into the people events and things! See it in pictures- your every thought goes ping ping ping…shaping energy into taking its form! BUT WAIT A MINUTE….As I change my thoughts…poof… whatever my thoughts were creating…disappears…before becoming physical! BECAUSE MANIFESTATION (PHYSICAL OUTCOME) ON OUR PHYSICAL PLANE IS NOT INSTANTANEOUS! YES OUR THOUGHTS CREATE INSTANTLY- AS CREATION HAPPENS AT THE ENERGY LEVEL! SO CREATION IS IMMEDIATE YES… BUT ON THE INNER PLANES- BECAUSE FOR IT TO MANIFEST…INTO PHYSICAL OUTCOMES… THERE IS A TIME LAG! Only when our thoughts on any thing hit ‘critical mass’…call it continued focus or recurring thoughts… does it coalesce and become physical…does energy take that shape!

If you really think about it… this time lag becomes welcome! Usually we rue the fact that my thoughts can’t manifest immediately-but that’s good- because then all your thoughts- every thought… good bad ugly…would manifest! And that’s the reason we as humanity have this inbuilt feature! We have come as humans to expand our thoughts- expand our consciousness- through being able to see our thoughts through the mirror of our physical relationships/ events or lack of in our lives!!

If you truly understand this many aspects about thoughts becoming things becomes apparent:
1) Every thought does not become the physical matter of your lives!! Yes every thought pings energy…every thought creates on the inner realms … but it takes ‘time’ or critical mass (focus) for it to become physical! So do not fear your thoughts… for varied thoughts will make up any given day … and sure, some may be angry and others worrying perhaps- but it is your incessant brooding and its nagging focus that literally breathes them into life! Allow them like storm clouds to pass by your windows…so they lose their potency to rain into your life! Do channel flipping- Don’t pause on negative channel!

2) But yes replace these thoughts with continued positive ones…so that you allow them to gather mass and become physical! That’s the only reason positive thinking works- as a tool! But if you have to keep ‘doing’ positive thinking it implies you don’t have a positive belief! And thus the trick is to use positive thinking as a temporary tool…a positive focus pinging on energy…but in the long term to expand your beliefs! For as you expand your beliefs- there is automatically positive focus…! You don’t have to try to maintain it by imposed positive thinking! AND THAT’S WHAT ALL INITIAL SPIRITUAL GROWTH IS ABOUT- EXPANDING YOUR BELIEF- YOUR VERY CONSCIOUSNESS-THE LENS YOU PERCEIVE LIFE THROUGH- FOR YOUR VERY PERCEPTION IS AN ACT OF CREATION! AS CORE BELIEFS EXPAND- YOUR SUBSIDIARY ONES- THE DAILY THOUGHTS CHANGE AUTOMATICALLY FOR THE BETTER! AND HEY PRESTO A BETTER LIFE! SO MANIFESTING A LIFE OF YOUR CHOICE ONLY BECOMES THE CARROT TOWARDS EXPANDING YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM- YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS!

So many wonder…how do we know our sub conscious beliefs?? If you want to really know your beliefs -no need for psycho analyzing! Just look around…see all that makes up what you call your life- the people, events & things and lack of…and become aware of your beliefs! Areas of lack are limiting beliefs-that’s all! There must be no self judgment- “oh I have such negative beliefs”- because we often willfully come with challenging limiting beliefs….sanskars....latent impressions …to move forward from them in any current life… to expand… by seeing/experiencing their results in the mirror of your life! If you really want to change expand your beliefs…no need of psycho analyzing! Just fill with authentic self; meditate and touch the fullness of self! Automatically as you fill…with fullness…spirit consciousness…. there will be no place for limiting beliefs!

In the industry of is your raw material and your beliefs are the boss! To churn out a better end product- a better life- you must understand both energy(its laws-how it functions) and your belieifs ( the boss that commands it) in-depth!


Yogi Anand- Wonderful Divyaa! The way you have presented this truth is really nice. You are articulate in elaboration and presentation. God bless you!

Tarlochan Singh Dhillon -Dear Divyaa,You have explained the concept of how thoughts arise and how they can change, create, and direct the focus of our lives. Its not by positive affirmations all the time but by actually living the life with all the varied changes in life whilst keeping a positive profile in the background that changes are brought about and gradually bring about positivity in our life-creation. Thank you for expressing your excellent viewpoint.
Infinite spiritual blessings.

Harivansh Lakra -the process of growing is.......converting your beliefs into thoughts, and..., that is, if your beliefs are on path to salvation !

Misa Derhy -Today is my Divyaa's day! I started my day with you, I spent my day with you, and I go sleep with yur words. Is it not to live the positive?:)

Divyaa Kummar -yes tarlochan ji-the need to do postive afirmations means we dont have a positive beleif for/on what we are doing an affirmation! or why wld we need to do affirmations? do i say i ama woman i am a woman i am a woman- nooo becasue i know i am! so actually the need for using affirmations (a temp good tool) actually shows one where ione needs to expan... See More their beleif/concioussness!!affirmations are a good temp tool...they work on the principle that energy our raw material is geting impacted by its ping ping.. creating that on the inner planes! But for them to realllly work- MANIFEST wld need to do the affirmations long enough focussed enough-w/o the oppsoite belief - for it to ping energy into taking material form! if i am affirming i am slim i am slim i am slim-but every time i see my self i spontaeously go yuch ...or everytime i see food i sponteaously think of the weight i wil put on-the affirmations are being nixed by my iner truth beleifs!he other way affirmations sometime work is to reprogram yr subconciousmind- make it a beleif-so you dont need to do the affirmations all the time;-)

Divyaa Kummar- yesssss harivansh! we first make our subconcious concious; and then as our beleif system becomes one...with the authentic Self that we are; it impacts our subconcious into becoming the way we think moment to moment!

Wisdom Tree -Interesting, i see a prospective author here :)

Yogi Anand -Vedas say - 'Khalu kratumayo purushah' means a being is made of thoughts and Buddha says - creatures from mind their character derive; mind-marshaled are they, mind-made. Mind is the source either of bliss or of corruption. By oneself evil is done; by oneself one suffers; by oneself evil is left undone; by oneself one is purified. Purity and impurity belong to oneself, no one can purify another. You yourself must make an effort.

Jaimin Shah- i always wondered how it is that for persistent people who dream and steadfastly believe in the dream, whenever the dream starts getting realized, it all comes in some kind of an overwhelming deluge ... as if each person, each event, everything happening in their lives at that moment is incredibly 'synchro-destinized' ... i was curious as to why not so much wud happen during their 'incubation years'... and i got my answer from the above write-up ... a critical mass of thoughts has to form!

Kiran Rai- 'Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it' - Rumi .Our thoughts form our physical reality.......lack does not exist except in our own mind......a truth I have had difficulty understanding......when ever I think I lack......I have to figure out how I am blocking it from my perception....once I allow myself to get that far.......wallah!!

Angie Angel -Beautiful ! Everything has a positive purpose , even the time lag !

Seshu Kumar Raju "In the industry of is your raw material and your beliefs are the boss! To churn out a better end product- a better life" - Dear Divyaaji only you can explain so lucidly and so eloquently. Thanks for increasing my understanding.

Gopi Banerjee Thank you for this Divyaa. Get what I need every time. Hug u

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