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‘Thought’ is that aspect of the cosmic play that we personalize/identify with/claim as ours (thus resist or encourage them)- otherwise it’s all just the cosmic play - cosmic nano seconds, stream of consciousness, seeming events & experiences- but no doer of!  Thus no (personal/separate) self = no thoughts. Thus as our sense of separate self- our personal identity (often called the ego) increasingly dissolves, we spontaneously begin to enter and abide in thoughtlessness.

IMP: Thoughtlessness is not a state without thoughts- but a state where one doesn't identify with the thoughts!  In this we automatically become witness...! We judge not, get entangled not…with all that passes through a seeming us!
1-THROUGH SIMPLE ANALOGY: We need an antenna to pick up the zillion TV waves floating around. Based on the antenna’s frequency, it picks up/tunes into/attracts/translates, the requisite air bytes/waves which then play on its TV screen! But no antenna= no picking up waves = no story (on TV screen)! Similarly, no personal self/me/ego (the radar/antenna) = nothing to which the cosmic play attaches itself to, nothing which can pick up from the stream of cosmic impulses = thus no ‘my’ thoughts or my experiences, only the cosmic play, events & deeds happen but no doer thereof!

2-DEEPER- THROUGH SIMPLE ANALOGY: More so, like any antenna vibrates to a range of frequencies and thus picks up a range of programs - we as current self –vibrate to a range of frequencies and thus tune into ‘finer’ and ‘denser’ aspects of the cosmic play….and their experiences! However our setting- ‘centre of attention’- the frequency we usually reside in- is what will gather the most thoughts!

The trick is to raise this centre of attention… raise our frequency (through gyan, bhakti, kriya, karma yoga ... through our journeys... through lives...!) Thus we begin to tune into like wise universal impulses… and thus requisite experiences!
3-EVEN DEEPER - THROUGH ANALOGY: And yet like any antenna does not pick up random programs, but those frequencies that the antenna is set on - we the personal /ego self do not pick up random thoughts (and their experiences) but those that are our personal setting! Simply put, this setting, that attracts our thoughts and thus experiences comprises of: our soul purposes (what we have chosen to experience/explore for the Whole or more accurately what the Whole has chosen to experience/explore through a ‘me’); our current life purposes (each life chooses a portion from the larger soul purpose); our ‘karma’/ learning (what we have chosen to expand or disempower from what we have picked up through our myriad lives); our sanskars (conditioning / latent tendencies / our world view/  our sum consciousness at any  given point)
Thus as we raise our frequency/setting … what’s really happening? We are becoming chalices -an energy field that can hold ‘higher/finer’ current life, soul and indeed cosmic purposes- spiritual seeking, world service, awakening… to name but a few! It also implies/leads to what we call karma being balanced - limitations & ignorance (usually called negativity) being dissolved; awareness and unity consciousness (usually called positivity) becoming the set frequency and thus attracting like wise! Also as we move from personal self, karma is not only balanced, not only becomes increasingly positive, but we come to a point of going beyond karma itself! No personal self=no karma! Ofcourse it implies purifying ones sanskars- which is an important aspect to understand- as it is our sanskars that translate the cosmic impulses in personal ways! The same cosmic impulse/flow/play/frequency will be viewed and thus experienced differently by different people based on their sanskars! So some will see/thus experience everything negatively; others more positively, some will be beyond the good/bad pain/pleasure happy/unhappy syndrome of duality. Thus as we purify our sanskars we will move into the ‘bliss’ of being beyond opposites - which is the only way of being beyond ups and downs- as ups and downs are part of life!
Another subtle point comes up here. We do not live in a world alone-the cosmic play is made up of many actors- on our personal stage! In the meditation from which this writing arises, we as the cosmic play/flow, experienced viewing the many antennas (personal selves) still all there! Thus as we raise our centre of attention /setting/frequency we are able to play an increasingly positive role in the lives of ‘others’! Many different types of co-travelers/actors are required in each ones life - so we play different roles in ‘different’ peoples lives- sometimes positive, sometimes difficult and challenging! We can be the challenging Hitler’s or the neutral colleagues or the supporting friends /soul mates or the enabling ‘service givers’-  be it as teachers, authors, Masters or any other role that enables the others!  Thus as we raise our frequency/setting…we indeed play increasingly positive, supporting, enabling roles! Till ultimately no personal self= pure service!
4- DEEPER YET- THROUGH SIMPLE ANALOGY- We have already mentioned above, that when we move beyond personal ego consciousness…when we become the Cosmic play…it’s not that the personal ego selves disappear from earth! The divyaa (put your own name here) current self continues to exist, but you don’t identify with ‘her’ anymore, ‘she’ is just like any other entity in your life, and you become witness to whatever is going on in ‘her’ life… and in this you allow ‘her’ to play out her purposes, karma, learning etc without adding further to it!!!
I often view this personal identity/ego self as one of those children’s old fashioned WINDING -UP TOYS. These toys function as long as their winding-up/charge permits! Once the wound up/charge runs out - so does the toy-unless you crank it up again! Thus we the personal ego self, plays itself out and ceases to be only when its charge goes out! This charge is what we call our purposes to be, karma, learning, sanskars etc! But if we give  keep living as this current ego-self….giving it the life force of our attention/identification –then its like winding up the toy it one more it more 'life' so to say to exist…. rather than allowing its charge to run out as it must;-)!  A fine point here, even if we the personal/ego self try to move from being the ego self it implies identification with it-and thus life force-another crank!! Thus the trick is to abide increasingly as the cosmic play-non personal self-and in that you will be automatically un-identified… and thus concerned not with pushing the current ego self! Be the witness… allow whatever is happening through that current self/divyaa/put your own name here… to play out… do not identify with it….get engaged not with it…judge not the good and bad….live in acceptance of the now that the cosmos is playing out through this current self… whatever it is….and the charge will play out as it must in any wound up toy!

So we come back full circle to what we started with but you may better understand it now : No personal self/identity (ego) = beingness/ the cosmic flow/thoughtlessness!

The stream of consciousness…its impulses…nano second ‘nows’…beingness… (Call it whatever you resonate to) become personalized ‘thoughts’ and thus 'experiences' when there is an identity / personal self to which they attach! Otherwise it’s all just the cosmic play/flow.  Thus as our sense of separate self- our personal identity- often called the ego increasingly dissolves, we spontaneously begin to enter… and abide as …the flow. This state of being has been described as a state of witnessing … pure beingness…events and deeds happening but no doer thereof…bliss! Bliss -a state of bring not devoid of all that makes up life, its changes and seeming ups and downs –but bliss in the midst of it all as one is beyond the seeming opposites ! 





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