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“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”
A. Einstein

Are you aware you live in a vibrational universe? That everything you see (and don’t!) is energy vibrating at different frequencies-whether it is that immovable rock, your pet cat that does with a startling alacrity, your best friend or your designer purse. Plus all that fresh air that you go into the hills to find! All is energy, and if you could don those glasses that quantum physics views the world through- you would view these all as the atoms and molecules they are! No difference! Zilch?

Aha one tiny difference- all that you do see: the physical tangibles of the people, events and things in your life are energy shaped and molded by your thoughts and feelings- your beliefs; and that seemingly empty space stretching out in between, is the same energy, but as yet not imprinted by you. And thus it is raw material awaiting your instructions- through your thinking! Come, conjure this vast field of energy around you and your moment-to-moment thoughts and feelings pinging on it -and view how- as they hit critical mass they shape your raw material energy into the material manifestations of exactly what they have fashioned. This makes you the boss- and energy at your command! And like any good boss, if you understand your resources you may indeed turn out a better final product: your life!

Energy functions according to certain universal laws and a master key is the principle: like attracts like! Conjure yourself like a dish antenna, drawing your way whatever channel you have tuned your thoughts on. So if you are feeling joyful and loving that’s what will play out on the outer screen of life. If you are constantly tuned into the channels of anger and hate that’s what you will indeed invite more of! Energy (unlike our court rooms!) is impartial and immediate and thus goals, desires, aspirations and fears, doubt worries are matched with equal aplomb! If you wish to change the movie of your life switch the channel: focus on positive feel -good factors and tip the balance of your day-to-day thinking. That’s all you need to do to start with- tip the balance from lack consciousness and its negative attention (I don’t have this, that doesn’t work, he is so mean, life is so unfair) to abundant consciousness and its positive attention! And as it gladdening tangible results play out in your life, you will in this positivity create more (and more) to feel positive about!

One quick way to keep your scales tipped in the right direction is to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Thankfulness has great drawing power due to its heartfelt energy signature- indeed enough to send a spacecraft to the moon. Close your eyes for a moment and think about someone or something you love and feel your energy fields surge. Next think about something or someone you are thankful for- and view the more expansive surge! If you have felt it- these will not be pretty words .If you thus make a habit of placing your focus on all that you feel good about in your life, what works (rather than what doesn’t) what you have (instead of what you don’t) you will use this free power available to you without the exorbitant costs that your electricity bills come laden with this summer! Consistently appreciate the smaller and larger gifts of life- the beauty a flower brings into your day, the sanctuary your home gives you. In situations that bring about a depleting “oh my what a large petrol bill”, zero in on something constructive instead –perhaps the joy of mobility at your disposal? In place of bemoaning an uncooperative boss observe thankfully where the positive does exist in your life- perhaps in cooperative friends? Tilt the balance within you and view an enhanced outer life! Set into motion a chain of moments to be increasingly thankful about. Try it.

Introspective exercise for today: Write a list of all that there is to appreciate in your life. Feel thankfulness fill you up as you write or read it- do not make it a purely mental exercise! Tap into this a few times a day- especially first thing in the morning and as your last thought before sleeping. You may also observe your fret list! Which is longer? What are you shaping energy into? Where does the balance tilt? Tip the scales to the positive!

Divyaa Kummar


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