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How did your path open up?
It might sound a paradox, but while the path not only opened but developed very suddenly and very quickly, at another level I was one of those born seekers interested in all things spiritual and metaphysical ever since I can remember; and if I take an even deeper view at the ‘sudden’ flowering I guess it would go back many lives.

Around the year 2000 life had thrown me a curve, and while the rich foundation of spiritual wisdom that had permeated by growing up years helped in its own under-the -surface ways, my whole being revolted at my seeming inability to overcome this sense of incapacitation. Where was that larger than life self? I had largely been a joyous positive person and this draining of energy did not sit well with me and somewhere along this phase a strong and very palpable yearning developed- quite for what I did not know. I put it down as a yearning to change my approach to life, because I knew even then that I had a blessed and beautiful life, which I was unnecessarily almost unvolitionally complicating! I guess the yearning reached the universe, I guess that phase of my soul journey had come to its end…because out of the blue  I was gifted a book, which I must honor as the catalyst that propelled forth the next phase of the journey.  Ofcourse at that point I had no idea that its exploration would have little to do with the external situation I had hoped to redress and that it would instead be about a sudden and complete inner shift. I did not imagine that the desire to enable my day- to -day world and life would suddenly turn into a journey towards enlightenment. I had no idea that this would not be only about imbibing spiritual truths… but spreading them.

It is only with the 20/20 vision of hindsight  that I realized all of this was not as sudden as it first appeared, for I was born into a deeply spiritual (not religious, for we were the very opposite of that!) yet very modern large joint family...with my parents, aunts and uncles each resonating to different gurus. I was exposed to the darshan (meeting) and words of a wide range of living Masters since the earliest of days. In fact the spiritual & esoteric was a regular aspect of life in a lighthearted background kind way while my focus was very much on all that makes up life as we grow up- education, hobbies, relationships, marriage, having a child and so on. So I guess all that was the fertile soil… for the ‘sudden’ flowering to happen. It was especially beneficial that I was not exposed to one guru or spiritual belief but many… for indeed my current reaching out is exactly that- a blend of all into a larger all inclusive universal wisdom or path. Moreover I have led a very full life- large family’s on both sides, close friends, love, fulfilling relationships, travel, abundance, creativity (I ran a ceramic studio for almost 20 years before I switched tracks into this)- and thus it was very easy for me to make this shift- for nothing else could have added to what life was -other than this divine grace! Yes I do feel grace is at work! Sometimes I feel some larger force orchestrated the timing perfectly- a full life to be followed by this! And just as my spiritual life deepened, my daughter moved to the U.S to study and with my husband traveling on business some 20 days month -yes, I must confess- that living on my own probably gave me the ‘space’ to focus wholly and completely on my spiritual self. It became a single minded passion or focus, call it what you may, and for a few years everything and I mean everything else took second place. Then everything comes back to how it was and yet everything has completely changed!

But back to the main trigger – it was a channeled book I read! I did not know anything about ‘channeling’ till then, but once I started to read the Seth books (channeled by American author Jane Roberts) Seth and his energies consumed me. Inspite of them being somewhat abstract & complex books I somehow ‘understood’ their deeper essence immediately. Indeed every time I read ‘him’, there was not only a deep buzz of some sort of inner recognition, but literally an external tangible buzz… a  ‘presence’ almost…and while all this was very new for me it somehow felt so right. Seth became a 24/7 for me… I would reflect, contemplate, speak and even dream Seth’s wisdom at that point.  And somewhere along this early Seth phase I somehow knew that this is what I was to do - receive spiritual understanding and spread the word as a modern young woman enjoying a full life, and thus showing by example how the two need not be mutually exclusive states. Yet at that point, I had no idea why I thought so …and how it would happen sitting at home without any idea or cultural environment of channeling !Indeed channeling wasn’t common place then and was seen more as being possessed by sprits or talking to the dead!

At this point, ‘coincidentally’, a god-send group came together from seemingly nowhere!  An interest in tarot and the metaphysical had brought us into other’s orbit, but at some point bursting as I was with Seth, he had spilled into the group. The group’s keen interest, passion, openness and encouragement birthed the new me and thus I called them my oxygen group! Soon the circle grew into discourses and workshops and I started writing all that I had grasped…but somewhere in this process I realized that what I was writing was beyond not only the Seth material, but far beyond what I as Divyaa knew….! After that, it was paradoxically both a completely uncanny and a completely natural process. I started waking up at 3.30 am and spontaneously sitting in ‘meditation’- without any guidance, teacher or any known system. Initially ‘Seth’ and other Masters (today I would call them all aspects of Universal Consciousness/wisdom) would be palpably present… almost downloading stuff into me; even sleep became about learning on some inner plane for I awoke with so much ‘gyan’….! The best way to describe this indescribable process of direct knowing is as though a capsule of gnosis (not knowledge) would enter my head and it would simply unravel within…sometimes much later when I sat to write or speak. I would sit for two to three hours at a time and began to not only understand but meditatively experience the gamut of spiritual truths from their simplest starting points to the deeper end of the continuum.  Each such meditation would be followed up with day to day experiences that would make these truths practical ways to live a better life. For example, desire was a topic that really unraveled realms and realms of its truths to me… helping me understand desire, what the seemingly negative desires mean, how we are meant to fulfill our desires as they are encodements of our soul purposes, how at a deeper level desires are not ours but consciousness desiring through a ‘me’, how our desires  automatically purify as our consciousness expands, to finally transcending (not suppressing)desire when our role in the comic play is coming to a close. Desire is not a dirty word- indeed it has its own place in the cosmic scheme- and in appreciating that rather than suppressing it -do we move beyond personal desire!  Spirit has chosen to experience, express and revel through the material plane. Till this point I had tangoed with intuitively going along with what felt so right and deeply questioning every step of the way! I was one of those whose left brain wanted answers, and while the questioning ceased along the way, the process helped not only me, but my ‘reaching out’,  because till today whether it is energy work, tarot, healing or spiritual truths and guidance I help people understand the basic principle underlying anything rather than just accept it blindly.

The more I shared the more were people not only interested but deeply impacted and enabled and as lives changed for the better my doubts slowly decreased and confidence slowly grew! At some point another ‘coincidence’ occurred and I came across the Jade fire channeling group where Master energies were channeled publicly and soon after I started attending these meetings the Masters asked me to become one of their channels! Again doubts had assailed, for receiving wisdom from within and sharing it through group interaction or my writing was one thing, but sitting up there on a platform and channeling in public was quite another…(I am still shy of public speaking) and yet it ‘happened’. In someway unknown to me, the words came, the wisdom expressed became increasingly profound, the flow became easier and the energies within and around became so very palpable that I just couldn’t doubt anymore. I also realized that I almost always came across spiritual truths in spiritual books or articles after I had channeled them- like a pointer that I was in the right direction. Initially the external validation helped but at some point I went beyond it to be able to express new interpretations, to be able to charter a path of my own…and sharing that path unabashedly with anyone who resonated to it. Each ones path is different… none are wrong or right…and one can only reach out/share what is one’s own path…and only those who require its truths for their growth will be drawn to you!

What happened next?
Being open to the flow of change is part of this journey .At some point I realized that Seth and channeling had been a sort of initiation enabling me to tap into a vast and profound font of divine gnosis, enabling my personal ‘energy field’ to expand and become one with its source and enabling the unconscious or subconscious knowledge to more consciously become a part of me a part of me and thus channeling started to take a back seat and my spiritual reaching out increasingly established through discourses, workshops, meditation groups and writing.  I somehow landed up with the tag of being a spiritual ‘teacher/guide/mentor’…without any volition of my own. Literally it just happened!  But what I really do is reach out- with whatever is within me –and whatever the format may be- discourses, guidance, mediation, healing etc- they are only vehicles consciousness adopts to reach out through a ‘me’.  And as this reaching out fits no labels, when I am pushed to define what I do I say ‘I guess I am a spiritual facilitator’. Till today I reach out as fellow traveler even whilst I intuitively travel my path. Somehow I have been given the gift to share with others whatever has helped me, and that’s all I really do, express my understandings and how it has helped me in day to day - and deeper ways! And while I initially rued the fact that I had no real knowledge of our sacred texts (thus I rarely quote from a scripture) –I have come to appreciate that this was divinely designed- for it not only awakened my inner guru but also left me a blank slate on which to receive my truths and the fresher interpretations required in the Now rather than be conditioned by outer or traditional sources – for I truly believe that the ‘magic’ of  ancient wisdom is  that it can unravel in constantly fresher and newer ways based on the era and evolution of human consciousness and what interpretation humanity needs in their Now.

Reaching out to others became a 24/7… it was no ‘seva’…but something that just wanted to express itself through a ‘me’ and I understood that ‘divyaa’ desired that because consciousness desired that through her!’ Through all of this my own journey deepened in ways that I cannot even begin to express. Coincidentally again, another wondrous group banded around me (I call them my three core mediators) and performed yet another valuable service towards my reaching out – for one can only give when others can receive, and in their depth of receptivity my reaching out touched another level all together. Strangely, i have observed, that’s it s not my 'words' that reach those who are impacted by 'me'... for often the words fall far far short...but something transfers from 'my' energy fields to theirs! Truth transfers itself energetically, and thus do Masters so deeply impact their disciples, and if something is not your truth you can at the best give a erudite and very interesting talk but it won’t energetically effect a person or bring about inner transformation. “ If words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart, but if they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears- Al-Suhrawardi” ! Using words to go beyond words is heightened  in my group meditation sessions which are not for everyone… they are abstract words and concepts being expressed but the real work is done through entrainment with the energies coming through! It’s a sort of new kriya yoga but will take time to develop into something that can be standardized I guess.

Currently another change is afoot. Silence beckons and I know I am being prepared to reach out in some other way.  So I am on a semi sabbatical, going with the flow, knowing that just like all the rest happened so will the next phase!

My spiritual and day-to-day life are not two compartments to be juggled but one beautiful whole- with the spiritual permeating everything I do. Thus even now I lead a full if somewhat understated life. Most of my day goes in meditation, writing, discourses, spiritual guidance - with the evening for some ‘me’ time- absolutely no phone calls- and then I go to bed very early! Yet the family and friends are palpably there. They truly are the wind beneath my wings.

Isn’t it dangerous to come in touch with spirits since you might also attract negative spirits?
Firstly there is a subtle difference between medium ship and channeling- though different people use these terms in different ways! To me, as a medium, one connects with the deceased or beings from astral realms through séances. As channels, we focus on receiving universal wisdom by linking with universal consciousness and the many divine aspects within it. A channeling session is more like a Satsang- like-minded people gather to hear universal truths! Thus where was the question of negativity?  Initially the jade fire group had many systems of protection which fell by the way side, but it never entered the equation for me for even then I was wholly connected to my divinity.  I have never used protection- not in channeling or in energy healing work. In my ‘work’, I meet many troubled, angry or depleted people time to time, …but I believe that ‘divyaa’s ‘ energy field, what a layman can call light… has to be strong to be able to lighten another…and in that how can light be touched by darkness/ negativity?

Channeling, simply put, is connecting to a higher or vaster source of ‘knowing’ than your currently conscious one! It is not as exotic as it appears, for anyone can do it, indeed everyone does it at some level… everyone ‘channels’ at different points in their life: inspired books, art, movies, even inspired day-to-day decisions, or the surprising strength and motivation to deal with situations is often what we could call ‘channeled’. These people are unconsciously connected to their higher aspects- operating from beyond their ego/mind-due to some trigger! The only difference as ‘channels’ is that we do it on call, with a specific purpose- to receive and spread gyan, healing or universal energy frequencies.! Over time as you expand your energy field and merge with this universal aspect of self…the knowing becomes more conscious and the need to ‘link’ or channel falls away and we speak as self! In Vedic terms, as you expand from (or remove the boundaries between) manas and buddhi and aham and chitta, it is channeling! It can be said that many of our ancient scriptures are channeled… when the rishi’s heard it within them… it was channeling in modern parlance. I still receive a lot of my knowing like a sort of capsule…either in meditation or when I mull on a subject…and as I sit to write or speak… it somehow unravels and clarifies itself!

Is your husband on the path too?
Yes. It is a wonderful act of grace that he is also on the path- indeed he lives what I reach out with- in day to day ways while he goes about his business.   I have come to realize it could be no other way- for if consciousness chooses to reach out through a ‘me’, consciousness has done everything to enable that!  I have a very supportive environment- starting from my husband and daughter- to my various family members and friends. In fact, my whole family including aunts, uncles and in laws are spiritually inclined. And so are almost all my friends!

This does not mean my husband and I do not have differences or confrontations –but because we both believe in the truth that we are each creator, living in a world we have each created, we are wholly aware that it’s never about the ‘other’- and in this while we may at a surface level have our differences- things like blame and judgment have no firm foothold! Indeed living with the gnosis that there is nothing to forgive is one step ahead of forgiveness; indeed knowing all is just as it should be even if we can’t currently understand why makes judgment automatically redundant! And this word ‘automatic’ plays a large part in my reaching out-  you will hear it from all my fellow travelers/students how they automatically arrived where they have-  for I truly believe that in authentic  spiritual growth, all these seemingly impossible sounding  concepts automatically  become a part of you!

Sometimes aspirants read about enlightenment and its many stages/steps and fret and try ‘how’ to love unconditionally or ‘how’ to see consciousness everywhere…they ‘try’ to surrender or ‘try’ to transcend desires…and this ‘trying’ and its accompanying ‘fretting’ arises because we feel these stages/steps/states are something we need to ‘make happen’…while actually they are more descriptions of what ‘will happen’ as one goes along!!! All the different 'stages'/steps/ states –indeed all the concepts & learning- are more like ‘beacons’ rather than ‘instructions’- because our awareness of & focus on them allows them to spontaneously unravel in our life. In analogy, if we choose to have a cup of tea, this choice will yes entail the initial ‘journey’ of filling of the kettle and placing it on the stove. But when an expert/experienced cook describes the rest of the ‘journey’…the water boiling, the kettle whistling, the steam arising, the over flow, the perfect brew…they are descriptions of stages/steps/states/ that happen…rather than what you can implement! And just like we can’t make the water boil… or make the steam emanate….by reading/learning about the process …we can only ....recognize each unraveling step…and go... ah …ah time for tea!

You were a tarot reader too, were you not?
Tarot also started in 2000…. it was a very vital link in the chain of coincidences that led to my spiritual awakening.  Most people consider tarot only as a tool for divination- but truly truly it is so much more- it is a spiritual text, a spiritual journey, and spiritual guidance of its own! It can be a vital trigger to connect you with your upaguru- the guru within!  While I did take a tarot class and do some reading on it- most of my tarot flowered from within through those early mediations. I still do seeming tarot sessions- but it’s a blend of spiritual guidance, energy work, intuitive inputs- I use the cards to go beyond the cards- and what comes through is tailor made for each one based on what consciousness knows the other requires in their now. Whether it is a tarot session, a workshop, a discourse or mediation groups…I believe what I really ‘do’ through whichever external model that’s being used –is simply offer the seekers the energies/consciousness they require.

Your posts on facebook are massively popular. It was through an fb friend that I head about you. How did facebook come about?
Over the last one year I have been taking a semi sabbatical from reaching out- and somewhere along the line consciousness sent face book my way- to keep me at it, yet somewhat out of it. I came on very reluctantly (even now i completely stay away from using it as a personal medium of communication) but somehow as I started to post quotes and spiritual articles the pace picked up and the page became a beautiful interactive spiritual forum!  Now there are many of us who are on face book who use it in this manner- as the new age Satsang ground without the constraints of time and space!  The audience is spiritually mature, and thus one can express deeply! Plus its unique charm is that it allows seekers and facilitators from seemingly different spiritual traditions, paths, practices and understandings to meet, exchange notes and learn from each other in one place! Perhaps my page is popular because I am open to all points along the journey to Self… infact I can’t even judge someone who is judging;-)…plus I only share my truths and not academic understanding and I share as fellow traveler leading a full modern abundant life …I guess that’s the energy that attracts people.

Would you see yourself as a guru?
Guru is a loaded term these days! What I really do is reach out with whatever is within me. And while I have been dubbed teacher, guide, mentor,  guru  as this reaching out fits no labels, when I am pushed to define what I do I say ‘I guess I am a spiritual facilitator’.  So am I a guru? That depends on your definition of the beautiful word. In its traditional meaning -one who dispels darkness (ignorance of and separation from Self) - I would say yes, because I have seen the profound changes ‘my’ reaching out has brought into so many lives. If your understanding of a guru is one who helps another connect to their inner guru, then again a yes, for this is all that truly happens through ‘me’: consciousness enables each one to be in direct communion with consciousness/ their divine font. If your definition is that a guru is a wholly awakened soul… then no, for I am still on my own journey. Awakening is not a onetime thing- but a series of shifts, like awakening from a dream…and in that context I would say I am in the early morning almost fully awake but not quite out of bed stage! And there is no rush or anxiety- because being one with consciousness I know that ‘divyaa’ is not awakened as I consciousness don’t choose it yet and when I as consciousness do so…then so will i as divyaa! Obviously I consciousness still need i divyaa in the cosmic play! Many think only a wholly awakened master can spiritually enable others but I have seen from personal experience that is not so. Each of us provides a service that consciousness needs us to- some of us express only from the ‘top’ point of view of awakening- some speak more from the beginners point of view…and some like me express from all points along the one continuum as all the steps are as valid as where they take you! And thus all spiritual facilitators are doing what is required of them by consciousness and thus reaching those consciousness needs them to reach!

There is no singular ‘best’ way towards awakening/enlightenment. There is no must do path, practice, step, teaching that is mandatory as a prelude to Self realization. Sometimes we get sidetracked by insisting this is ‘best’ or ‘only way’ or a ‘must do even if you do nothing else”…because something (path/practice/understanding) worked for us! We think what worked for us will naturally work for ‘others’! The intentions are good. But truly truly…as we establish in our awakening/awareness…we realize there is no one way, nothing that is mandatory, that each one charts their own awakening-this is indeed the coup de tat/master plan of existence… each one enables and yet each one creates afresh! I often say (tongue firmly in cheek) what a waste of eternity if we all went ‘back’ with the same view of Self! After all, we indivuated as a zillions beings to view, experience and express Self in myriad ways!  Many of us try to become another Buddha or Osho or this Master or that; and yet each Master is an individual unique delightful exploration of the whole- enabling us yes -but towards our own exploration and our unique picture of the whole!

At its deepest Gurus are but aspects of guru Consciousness ...that aspect /gestalt of consciousness whose very purpose as an aspect of consciousness, is to keep all aspects of consciousness connected to the Whole… through the game of seeming separation and ignorance. So that when Its units sojourn far and wide and seemingly forget Self...this guru aspect of consciousness, remains intact within them - as the mirror of their truth -or the way 'back' home! Thus guru consciousness works formlessly with  us through existence... and remains intact within us at our deepest core,...and when it knows that a form is required...it takes the forms of Guru's ...known ( Masters guides) and unknown... (other fellow travelers) visible and invisible ... guidance from somewhere... are all guru consciousness at play...This guru consciousness works formlessly with us through existence... and remains intact within us at our deepest core, always holding us in its embrace ...and when it knows that a form is required...it takes the forms of Guru's ...known and unknown... visible and invisible ... guidance from somewhere, anywhere... texts... satsangs...eureka's even... are all guru consciousness at play...This guru consciousness works formlessly with us through existence... and remains intact within us at our deepest core, always holding us in its embrace ...and when it knows that a form is required...it takes the forms of Guru's ...known and unknown... visible and invisible ... guidance from somewhere, anywhere... texts... satsangs...eureka's even... are all guru consciousness at play...

You do not project a guru persona, though
That’s partly because we all have a certain subconscious concept of what a guru/spiritual teacher must be like. We base this image on gurus and teachers we have personally come across or known and anyone who doesn’t fit that image in form, style or content doesn’t appear a guru /spiritual kind of person to us! We don’t realize that as consciousness evolves, changes are inherent and many different kinds of guru’s /teachers will appear. Also every teacher/ guru reaches out with a unique message and thus has their own unique style and content- and a large part of my message and thus ‘persona’ is that a young modern person living a full joyous life can be wholly on the spiritual path too!! Nothing outside of us makes us spiritual or not and thus yes I reach out through the persona I am- I wear modern clothes, talk the contemporary language, am called dee or divyaa by fellow travelers and I guess that’s why I attract those who come to me- the causal contemporary and informal persona/ambience is in sync with who they are and in that comfort zone of not needing to be anything else to be spiritually evolved do they more easily find their divinity. When someone calls me Ma I laughingly tell them to beware…as Ma Dee…becomes maddy and in that they may be closer to the truth than they know!

So yes Oneness is beautiful but most confuse oneness with sameness & the obvious gets ignored- that while we are all one we need not be the same! Indeed each one is a unique aspect of that which is called 'Oneness'. And true oneness is when we can accept these ‘differences’ as aspects of our oneness- rather than trying to change all that is different from you …into the  right ‘one’ange all that is different from you, into what you consider the right ‘one’

Do you have a guru?
Clichéd as it might sound- life and every master, book, email I have come across has been a guru. As a child, having the grace to meet many masters close up, I used to yearn for one of them to be ‘my’ guru! I received tremendous grace from some - but initiation never happened. I actually used to feel bad- and rejected- but now I realize my guru was supposed to be an internal awakening. A few years ago I ‘met’ Mahavatar Babaji internally, and while he revealed himself to be my guru he also cautioned me that ‘He’ was here as a aid/step only and that I have to move beyond him too- to establish in complete Self awareness. Surrender or homage can be to Guru God or Self… all three states are aspects of the same ...and yet each is a subtle shift into the awakening of Self Awareness. When nothing ...not even our guru or god stands between Self....when there isn’t even a grain of sand in between…do we truly abide in/as Self. A desire for merger only arises when there is some sense/degree of separation.  When there is no separation where the desire for union? Do we yearn to be one with our self? With our toe? Nose? As long as we desire to meet God or even ‘become one’ with God, you are going to have a God outside you to do that. And the Godself that I Am - cannot be. So yes, I have come to real-ize that Babaji came to fulfill that childhood yearning for a guru…so that no yearnings are left in the longer run!

Many a time new comers ask me which Gurus system /path do I express … some are open to the fact that there is none …some prefer to not come! My learning till today arises from within... i read a line here and there and somehow its deeper and vaster essence unravels deeply within, so i grasp it beyond that line which was only a trigger! Or a question arises in me or from another and I 'get' not an answer ...but an experiential understanding of it deep within which I then try to put into words. Most of what i share, write & speak I have experienced wordlessly within my meditations...which i then put into words to express to others.

Are you a guru to your family too?
I guess the old adage works here, the closest to you have the most resistance to seeing you in a spiritual avatar! More over in my younger days I was considered the black sheep of the family… I broke a lot of rules…! However having said that, there most certainly is a growing appreciation within the family of what I do... they get feedback from those who come to me…some of my brothers and bhabis have attended my discourses…some of my aunts read my writings…we have informal discussions on the lunch table …and we all learn from each other as all of us are deeply spiritually inclined. They are open to me as I am to them!

What would you say is the core of your teaching?
Simply put it is the journey or shift from self to Self to Non-Self; the move from destiny to free will to Divine will; the move from helplessness to empowered creator & manifestation to surrender & non doership; the move from blame & guilt to complete responsibility to all embracing  acceptance that all is perfect as it is;  the move from manas /thinking mind to mind expansion( buddhi/universe) to mindlessness; the move from chaos & confusion to passionate focused effort to the discipleship of effortlessness; the move from being lost to the gurgle of  knowing you are a vital part of the cosmic play to awakening;  the move from limited personal identity to expanded personal consciousness to Universal Consciousness…All That Is; the move from I am no one, to I Am God to God I Am…!

These are all points along the one continuum and each truth becomes your experiential rather than academic truth does it automatically lead to the next! Thus the first phase brings you in touch with your divine self, into becoming All That Is and the second phase is Its spontaneous dissolution into nothingness! Paradoxically the more firmly you can establish as self (the first phase) the more automatically and deeper does the second phase ‘just happen’.

Another important part of my message is that life and the material plane is not something ‘less than’ the spiritual- indeed it is spirit that chooses to experience and expand itself through the material plane! The words ‘pure and dense’ are actually without the judgment usually implied in them and thus spirit is not  better than ‘dense’! The only difference in pure and dense is the vibratory frequency at which I am exploring or experiencing Self! Thus yes, while pure does refer to our ‘finer’ vibrations …in the larger picture it is these finer aspects of self, which choose the ‘denser’ experiences to add to their finesse. Let’s Rumi’s words take you beyond words! Read not these as expressions off a printed page but listen to them deep in your heart as he mystically murmurs over time and space: “Whenever you come across a beautiful object, it is God saying “Ah you found me”!” Allow this to awaken your soul memory and remember that ‘God’/Consciousness is the Unmanifest centre of all that is manifest! You cannot reject the physical world without rejecting its very core – spirit; and if you embrace everything around you as the divine choosing to experience Itself- you enter into true worship; into sacred and abundant living; into your life’s’ wholesome reason to be. Thus my path is the path of joy and living life fully…it’s also called the path of tantra…expansion of one’s inherently joyful energy field into blissful consciousness…and thus joy makes up every step of the way!  Alas the word tantra is taken all wrong by the layman! And this to me is true spirituality – including and not excluding my daily life!! Concerned as it is with a joyous here and now and not only heavenly thereafter! Blending with and optimizing my humanity & its purposes rather than opposing, suffocating, suppressing it! Thereby deeply fulfilled, and in deep union with Self and all Selves around us, we but naturally become more and more palpably the God within

Imho the much maligned senses can indeed be ways to be wholly in the now - it’s only when we get stuck in what we experience through the senses, that they work against self! Otherwise they are tools consciousness created to experience Self…every nuance of Self… moment to moment!! See this experientially beloveds…seeing a thing of beauty takes one away us from self to SELF; as does hearing music or smelling a beautiful fragrance; or indeed taste- if we truly eat mindfully enjoying each morsel...we are wholly in the Now; and touch ofcourse touch, a caress a hug even a massage can establish us in the Now, beyond the mind!. It’s when our mind invades the sense experience that it takes us away from the Now! We wonder when will we next experience this… or fear losing the moment …or think in terms of possessing  the object that allowed us this beautiful experience that they become limiting!

In my humble opinion this message is also in the story of Adam and Eve! It was Consciousness as Shakti (Its Supreme yin aspect) choosing to enter into a creative material experience in deeper exploration and expression of Self! Thus it is Eve who tempts Adam (symbolizing Awareness/the supreme yang aspect). The apple she offers Adam/Shiva/awareness - is a symbol of the material plane (when u cut an apple it has a five pointed star like pattern in it) and the 5 pointed star represents the higher material plane- through which consciousness chooses to experience revel and fulfill the paradox of being more than it already is as All That Is!!! The poor maligned serpent did not tempt anyone-indeed it is that aspect of consciousness (all are aspects of the one/same consciousness: Adam/Eve /serpent) that offered to remain intact each of us while we played the game of separation, promising to rise within us as we moved back into awareness! And thus that’s the rising kundalini!! So think how confident we are as consciousness to enter an experience of this size!!! Think how much Love how much Love of Self that we can play this game for self to experience Self! 

Indeed the Adam Eve story is not a fall from grace into ‘sin’- it is Consciousness willfully descending /making its frequencies dense/ indeed choosing to seemingly  play the game of forgetfulness and separation ! Thus consciousness goes one step further and becomes male-female-man woman! That’s why sex comes from the word sectus-to cut- we the whole united yin-yang self - and thus need sex to feel whole again while in the game of separation! Once we become whole within us sex can be sublimated…! Indeed in every orgasm the separated self/ dissolves and we touch/experience our true nature that we call the orgasm!!! Sex was defiled in ancient days by priests and pundits who did not want humans to touch the Whole that they are w/o them!!! It is in this wholeness that we then transcend –not suppress-sex!

So one starts with free will and then moves on to recognizing God’s will?
When one realizes that the ‘Self’ that has free will and ‘God’ are one and the same there is no conflict between free will and Gods will and surrender becomes ‘automatic’!  There is a subtle but all important shift in ‘I am God’ and ‘God I Am.’ It cannot be explained, but experienced! However it’s not everyone who makes this shift- when my discourses focused on   how to create one’s reality they would overflow with people. But when the topic shifted from personal to universal consciousness many dropped out…but others came in. So each one is at a different point in their journey- and exactly where they are meant to be in the now- thus there is no judgment of someone being higher or lower- we are all where we should be not only for our personal highest good- but for Consciousness/God too! If everyone got liberated how would creation be! So just like we don’t want a good book to end...we as ‘God’ keep enough aspects of self within the cosmic play...knowing full well that each of us will exit at the right time ...like cues actors get to exit the stage at the right time for the betterment of the play.  So the focus shifts from personal consciousness and 'when will i get liberation’ to becoming one with consciousness and its cosmic play and in that resting in whatever is good for consciousness/the whole… rather than concern about an individuated me.

Ofcourse, If we take this deeper, the very 'desire' for liberation implies, the Whole is readying for 'my' exit...! The 'effort' that arises due to this desire, is what the Whole is doing thru a 'me'...! The 'effortlessness/surrender' that then just happens is the whole merging increasingly with the 'me'...and as the gap decreases we increasingly move beyond concerns about personal liberation. Think of the board game Chinese checkers...! First all the counters are 'home'; then with great 'deliberation' they enter the game; the 'challenges' are part of its fun; 'careful moves' are made; the way ahead is 'studied and entered into'.....and then at some point... the pace changes... and rather than deliberate moves the counters have pre-set the path back home...there is only that path left...and no other place to go...and thus they all go home...and both parties playing the game have enjoyed the whole experience!

On silence
There is a lot of talk on facebook on the importance of silence… but it is The Word that makes us reach this very silence! All that we come across while seeking - all the concepts, paths, masters, philosophies - become redundant & yet the seeking was/is not redundant! Silence occurs when the Word has filled and pervaded you…till then silence remains a word!! The Word’ - is at its deepest a tool of oneness and union. Because it is ‘The Word’ that allows each individuation, even in separation, to know of their Oneness. It is ‘The Word’ that allows you even in your perceived separation to know of your inner union. It is ‘The Word’ that brings together the far flung spaces you occupy into the one path back home. Each stage is valid with none being lesser or higher- as each step is as vital as to where it takes you. So it is through the Word that we go beyond words! Lets us use them as the bridge they are…and then get off the bridge yes…but not condemn that very bridge or prevent others from using it!

But yes ofcourse there are beloved Masters who reach out through silence, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way- obviously those who resonate to them need that silence - in their Now - for their ripening! At another time in the past or future they may need The Word! I also feel the silent gurus who are one with consciousness speak through those other gurus, masters and teachers who still use the word…and at some point they too will go into silence and yet others will speak for them.

We are very close to 2012. What is your take on it?
2012 is not really a date, but the enhanced critical mass human consciousness. And we can see this in so many ways- there is an all round interest in spiritual matters; there is an increasing acceptance of the myriad paths just being different doors to the same place; science and spirit are meeting as quantum physics agrees with all that the spiritualists have been saying; corruption and scams are being flushed out in ways they never have before because all that is not in sync with the new consciousness is falling by the side. Indeed our most authentic seva-service-contribution to our new world is our state of consciousness! As we 'expand' our consciousness it reflects back as a 'better' world & its people & institutions! Indeed through an expanded consciousness we serve at a tripartite level: our personal realties (friend’s family etc), our environments (Government, education, law & order etc that we otherwise always seem to decry) & the world at large! More so through an expanding consciousness, we are in 24/7 'spiritual service' … wherever we may be…through whatever jobs we may hold…through whatever our day to day lives may comprise of .

“Don't worry, be happy.”Suddenly everybody’s singing this song, and there is much talk about a change in worldwide consciousness ushering in a new dimension. And perhaps you look around and wonder, or even scoff, but by understanding what is really meant, you can instead add to this happiness quotient rather than to the doubts and worry. Your consciousness is not some mumbo-jumbo out of reach mystical aspect of self - it only implies the sum total of what you think and feel about self, life, the world, universe and God. A new dimension is not some mumbo jumbo mystical plane that will descend from the skies- it only implies the critical mass of human consciousness - enough people thinking the same way! And as enough of us expand our belief systems, as enough of us make this change within, it indeed reflects all around and hey presto- our planet indeed progresses and we have a new dimension, an improved human experience to then further explore and add to and that enhanced dimension is what’s symbolized by 2012! In layman terms each of us makes the world a better place! For we don’t exist ‘in’ a dimension; our consciousness is the dimension!  John lenons words symbolize the 20102 consciousness… ‘Imagine all the people ….living for today….imagine if there was no country…

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