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Unleash the genie within you!

"There is a thought in your mind right now. The longer you hold on to it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought. Give it enough life, and it will become real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one."

Thoughts matter...and indeed literally become matter is the awareness that can change your life! And scientific research tells us that we have some 90,000 thoughts a day! That is great storehouse - do view this pictorially within you - of lethal ammunition to further disasters, crisis, and problems or…. potential miracles!

Yet we often see miracles in terms of providential events! Orchestrated by a source outside and higher than us! And made possible only through the circumvention of the natural laws we live by! Instead let us become aware that this genie lies within - you are the source, not an outside higher power! Wishes are not granted at random but indeed it is your focus that is their life force! And thus miracles are not a divine suspension of natural laws but indeed your optimal utilization of the same- through exploring how thoughts (become) matter can you increasingly hone your skills to coalesce miracles small and big.

And understanding the power of optimal focus is a simple eureka! It helps you take positive thinking one step forward - for correct focus is your genie! Indeed literally it is your focus that gives your passing thoughts- life! So do not fear your thoughts for varied thoughts will make up any given day - and sure, some may be angry and others worrying perhaps- but it is your incessant brooding and its nagging focus that literally breathes them into life! Allow such thoughts to drift by much as you allow storm clouds to pass by your windows, opening them only to sunshine- and they lose their potency to rain into your life.

Take a clue from the worldwide web. You come across many thoughts and images whilst surfing the net, but only save in your ‘to print’ folder that which you choose to have in hard copy! Indeed the annoying pop- ups, not wholly avoidable, worry you not because you can always hit delete! Come conjure with me, that your ever ready to please genie has diligently taken a crash course in 3-D color printing so that he may retain his effectiveness in this 21st century! And computer savvy that he is now, all that you ‘save’ in your focus folder is what he indeed prints out for you- the rest he is not concerned with!

But lets take this off this academic blackboard and hear it directly from our genie within!

Appreciation: is a powerful means to maintain a positive focus and indeed breathe more of it onto life! Make a game of it if you will- how many people, events, things and aspects within you can you find to appreciate every day? Discover new aspects to appreciate in the usual and customary around you. This is true value addition! Try viewing the gift of each day before you go to sleep, and you give your genie, a long ‘stretch’ to whip up your miracles!

Joy: is often ignored as an important purpose of life- and yet it is truly the hallmark of a life well lived! Ancient Egyptians understood the significance of their joy quotient and even worshipped the goddess Hathor towards this sacred responsibility! Make it a point over the next few weeks to zoom into joy in however small a way, and recognize it consciously as your true state of being without the clutter you have placed on it. Joy is indeed a high priority folder for the genie to print out into your life- with free extra copies to boot!

Visualization: build up an inner collection of feel good Dvd’s – your personal ‘dreams come true’ visualizations. These are effective homing devices for those moments when things seem askew and you wonder how to switch your focus to something positive! Insert one of these into your focus folder and achieve the double benefit of shifting your life force (focus) from unconstructive thoughts, to your highest visions of self ! And watch your genie print them out frame by frame till life becomes the movie you directed within!

Introspection for today: Set a series of alarms on your cell phone- to ring at random times through they day- and become aware where your focus was at that very moment? Life affirming or life negating?

Divyaa Kummar

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