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An exploration of virtual spirituality

There is no such thing as a self made man. We are all made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make up of our character and of our thoughts as well as our success. (And consciousness) George M Adams

Welcome to the virtual world! And whilst many think of ‘virtual’ reality in terms of it being less real than our physical one, it is paradoxically this so-called virtual world that is closer to the Absolute than its physical reflection that we call ‘real’ life! No wonder, that suddenly, the virtual world in terms of the world wide web is alive and kicking, as it must… for as humanity begins to step out of the boundaries and limitations imposed by his seemingly ‘real’ world, the demarcations diffuse day by day; and indeed even as you read this are you straddling both worlds!

A quick search on thesaurus shows up the meanings of virtual as : fundamental, essential, effective, (and the like) and this further brings home to us that the virtual world is not, as implied in spoken parlance, some make-believe and insubstantial world (as it is often considered in comparison to the more physical one)! It is tangible and indeed the cause, of the effects we call real life- and in that, virtual spirituality is an ideal platform, for change of human consciousness to flow from!

It may further help to become aware that there is a subtle but vital difference between the ‘tangible’ and ‘physical’ worlds although the words are often used interchangeably! Numerologically tangible is symbolized by number 3, and the physical by number 4. Tangible implies form, structure and a reality on the inner planes; thereby referring to a reality of finer vibration than our physical density! And it is when this virtual reality gains enough critical mass, does it reflect as our material and corporeal reality! Think about this, physical reality is the reflection, and the virtual is the real! This is why thoughts matter… because they literally become the matter of our physical world! And once again we can perhaps understand the vital role of the virtual world… and naturally of virtual spirituality, for as it gains critical mass by reaching out to millions, it need must reflect in physical ways; and in that will the virtual enhance and coalesce as an enhanced physical and so infinitum! Indeed the evolution of consciousness!

Virtual spirituality encompasses as wide a range as physical spirituality. Just as the physical spiritual journey encompasses multidinious texts and scriptures; myriad teachers, guides and Masters; wide-ranging retreats, programs and paths - virtual spirituality has its myriad magazines, mailing lists, discussion groups and on-line movies; Masters teachers and guides can be read or heard or seen or even chatted with; websites become the retreats, with their writings, courses, programs, meditations, music and more available at a click- somewhere to lose a few moments and find yourself instead! A new path is added to the usual karma, bhakti, gyan and raj paths- call it science, quantum physics, or the virtual path, which becomes a meeting place for all! It makes me think that the virtual world is that vital step, indeed the precursor towards what we have all yearned for at some time, and been promised by the many avatars: where all is available instantly; where we are all connected with all; where differences of nationality, race, age, class don’t exist; where indeed space and time is overcome!

Thus the virtual world and its spirituality is actually a quantum leap of human consciousness; which we sometimes don’t really understand at a deeper level- viewing it only in terms of technological advances! Perhaps even writing it off as a ‘virtual’ reality, close to real, but not quite so! But with this backdrop in mind we may better understand the importance of the World Wide Web and the increasing role its plays in the expansion of consciousness. The words World Wide Web are not randomly arrived at – for it truly refers to the grid of human consciousness! What was a mere esoteric concept, or within the reach of few, is now accessible at a click! Indeed you can access human consciousness - its knowledge and intelligence lovingly shared and expressed- literally pinging into your ‘inbox’!

The ‘ping’ being your heart beating in thankfulness of the sharing ; or the ‘ah’ satori moment of increased knowing; or the eureka of your mind being stretched to a newer level - each one literally being an initiation –for that is truly what initiations are- expansion of your energy fields and consciousness! You do not need the hand of a master on your forehead to confer it - that usually being a symbolic gesture of the master facilitating these inner shifts within. And thus virtual spirituality brings alive the traditional concept of the upaguru- the guru within each one of us. And indeed as each ones inner guru comes forth, so also does the new age concept of each of us being the avatar we are waiting for!

Of course, both physical and virtual spirituality have their relative strengths and challenges – and as we are familiar with the physical world lets explore some of the advantages of virtual spirituality. The virtual world being established ( through the above exploration) as more ‘real’ than its physical reflection, and thus the ‘cause’ of physical effects, ‘finer’ in vibration, plus closer to the world of thoughts which become the material people, events and things that make up our worlds – it becomes an ideal platform for the change of human consciousness! Quote Seth: “First of all, physical events are the end products of nonphysical properties.”

-In more prosaic ways: with the World Wide Web going beyond the limitations of time and space, it allows both- those who reach out and those who seek- an instant connection. Thus each one can access spiritual input completely as per their own time schedules; no waiting …no time lag, no appointments- and indeed the spiritual goal of self empowerment, becomes part of the journey instead!

-Of course one the biggest advantages is the dissolution of physical boundaries- and thus being able to reach out to, or receive guidance from anywhere in the world! At a click, you can browse ancient secret doctrines, or new age truths; you can receive input from the other end of your world to paradoxically accessing more wholly even what’s happening, spiritually speaking, locally too! Indeed this comes close to ‘channeling’ (which has become so popular these days) for the lay man, as he accesses information from ‘realms’ otherwise out of bounds for him! Or literally brings alive the spiritual adage: “Ask and thy shall receive”

-Search options allow you to choose that which you require in the now! Texts, scriptures, discourses imply a mass of information and sometimes you lose rather than find your self in this; and virtual spirituality indeed makes it easy to hone in as per your individual needs; for every journey is unique indeed.

-An interesting aspect of virtual spirituality is how it works optimally in the NOW! Texts and scriptures inherently contain truths of all levels; seemingly contradictory too; yet none being wrong or redundant because different era’s, based on critical mass human evolution, require a certain interpretation in every now. More so, within that, seekers ‘progress’ varyingly too- and thus each era or seeker ‘finds’ within the texts whatever they require for their current growth as ‘THE’ truth; and seeks for the next, or higher truth to expand into. The texts are indeed encoded thus- tailor made to each seeker in his Now- and the ancient tradition of gurukuls (private tuition almost in the modern context), would lead you to what ‘you’ needed currently. In the modern spiritual world this personal interpretation got lost somewhere along the way, and mere perusal or reading of spiritual books doesn’t always serve you optimally. This gap is now being filled through Virtual spirituality- through its wide ranging platform of websites, mailing lists, spiritual groups, channelings and access to varying masters and modes – all helping you interpret the wealth of knowledge to your specific current needs! Indeed bringing texts, scriptures, religions alive in a personal context! Enabling you in the Now!

-Even live discourses (satsangs) are usually addressed to large groups- with both the ‘lowest’ and ‘highest’ common denominators being kept in mind- and while the discerning are able to find what they need, seekers often remain confused. The virtual world, once again steps in, through various means (especially discussion groups with dedicated coordinators) to question, discuss and debate even, before arriving at your truths. Thus paradoxically, the virtual world, often called an impersonal communication, brings a personal touch to spirituality! Indeed a new connotation to “As the student is ready… a teacher appears!”

-Daily spiritually oriented mailing lists perform a unique service! For you receive (at your comfort) daily input which works on the same principle that daily satsangs ‘work’ – repetition and ongoing input helps in real long-lasting changes being affected; indeed in transformation! Beliefs, are thoughts repeated! Continued focus helps you become what you focus on! You become where you place your attention! The right stimulus helps your brain unlock its secrets! Repetion helps you engrave new pathways! Neuro science emphasizes how repeated attention (also the secret behind mantras) can change neural pathways (karma indeed) and lead to new synapses being forged- call it free will, quantum change or evolution! Now view any daily spiritual mail you receive, through this lens- and view the power of virtual spirituality- how it indeed allows you to select what you choose to focus on, pay attention, repeat and thus make your consciousness and it’s reality!

-And just like the larger reality where ‘One becomes many’ and each individuation (of the whole) serves a vital purpose ( for the whole) through their individuality- indeed why God chooses to individuate- do the different websites remain part of the one whole world wide web- yet remain distinct and inviolate to best serve their individual contribution! Each ones truth, each ones message is valid; and like free will indeed is it given its due space to grow in, thrive in, evolve in; and beckon by the law of attraction those who need that interaction or relationship towards their own journeys!

-Virtual games are also moving into the spiritual zone, allowing the younger generations their individual explorations and virtual experiences of Creatorhood! I recently read about a virtual game where you can play God and create a world that you choose and it made me think how more ‘real’ can it be- for indeed learning and growth through play is what it is all about!

-Last but not least, is the ‘free’ exchange of all the above! Free information and sharing of personal experiences and more, fills each heart every day with profuse thankfulness! I think each one of us who is reading this must have experienced this for self- the heartfelt appreciation for that ‘unknown’ author whose words were just what we needed for the day; the gratitude for the wealth of information contained in literally each ‘gold’ nugget that comes to us from seemingly out of the ‘blue’; the wordless wonder as each mosaic helps us build up our own individual larger pictures! Taking the world and its consciousness to the next realm of energy exchange-for we may indeed glimpse here the initial shift from the material exchange called money (which is valid and required in our material worlds) to the inner exchange of a new consciousness.

To me, virtual spirituality’s strength really lays in the ‘eureka’ that almost so-called ‘goals’ of any spiritual endeavor are already present in this virtual self exploration and journey! Glance above- so that I do not need to re remunerate- and view how virtual spirituality literally encompasses within its folds where it seeks to take you! Gently, quietly … it takes helps you slip off the time track… switch from outside to within… stranger does not rhyme with danger anymore and love is everywhere!

John Lennon’s words “Imagine all the people living for today…Imagine all the people living as one” come alive in this context, not as a dream ‘to imagine’ but already present, tangibly through the virtual world and its spirituality- as the new human consciousness, ushering in a new dimension!

Divyaa Kummar

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