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Many of us think of our 'purpose to be' in terms of that one over riding theme; but at its deepest - each truth that becomes yours , beyond its mere intellectual understanding, is your purpose to be! And whatever truth you are experiencing in the now, is your current purpose!

Dearest all
So many ask me to help them know what their 'life purpose' is; and my answer to them is : " Your life purpose is whatever is happening in your life Now; whatever makes up your Now- your current desires or fears are your purpose to be! Whoever ( relationships or lack of ) and whatever ( events, situations) is part of your Now, is your purpose to be! It is so simple and yet we seek some deeper answer; we seek some seemingly grander purpose! And yet, the Now is our only true purpose...and as we fulfill the reason for whatever is in our now, it becomes the step for the next 'purpose' to appear!

So yes your current fears are your current purpose too- for it is what you in this Now have chosen to disempower and move away from. whatever is the root that you have chosen to move away from -rises as fear- so that you then need to tackle it! And as you do, the fear subsides, the purpose for it to show itself being accomplished! Your desires are the whisperings of your soul to move towards what you as soul have chosen to expereince...or ata deeper level what the Whole chooses to expereince through 'you'! Desires work as your 'purpose to be' in many ways: in the fulfillment of your desire, the desire was for that expereince and that completion at soul levels and as the puepose gets accmplished the desire starts to fall away; sometimes however you don't get what you desire, but the desire was only the carrot for whatever you learnt or experienced in trying to fulfill it! That ( experience) was the true purpose of that desire! In the same way whatever relationships and areas of life make up your Now -are your current purpose to be- towards some completion perhaps; towards some learning perhaps; towards some experience that you require at soul levels! When the purpose gets accomplished then you find those relationships or areas of life being weaned from you!

Indeed, your purpose to be- what you call your life purpose is two pronged- what 'you' or your soul -through this life experience- have chosen to learn; and what you have chosen to contribute. Both are part of this 'life purpose' though many think 'life purpose' is only about your contribution ... what you can do for others and the world! But an important part of your life purpose is the learning- enhancing your strengths, moving away from certain weaknesses and in this expansion, allowing soul growth, and contribution to the Whole.

So what is your purpose to be? Look into all that makes up your Now!

Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar
Email; Divyaakummar@Divyaakummar.com
Your conscioussness is your contribution-Divyaa Kummar
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