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Tarot, the very name conjures up esoteric images and mysterious answers! However human consciousness is now ready to go beyond this limiting view and take a fresher look at the great storehouse of wisdom contained within the cards. They are not hocus-pocus, sprits answering, superstition nor magic but only a method of tapping into a rich field of information that forms part of our moment-to-moment environment. However, as much of this knowledge, currently lies beyond the usual methods of reach for most of humanity, it is accessed by many systems or what I will call ‘bridges’, and tarot forms one such easily accessible bridge!

The 78 cards are called the Arcana, which means ‘profound secrets’ & thus refers to the knowledge contained within the cards underlying the human experience. Each card pertains to universal archetype experiences and qualities that all humans go through, both in their day-to-day lives and their larger cycle of lives and thus do the cards give us a deep insight into our minds, problems, and life situations!

Surprising to many, the tarot is not used primarily for ‘prediction’ but as a tool for guidance and self-knowledge! And even when it is used to look ahead into the future it is best used to see the possibilities ahead. I use the cards to help my clients see the potential ahead of them in any given situation, and what they can best do, to tackle this probable outcome if it does not appear too palatable, or enhance it if the cards reveal that they are creating a future to their liking!

Always the responsibility lies with you-and the cards are vital tools to help you see the larger picture, tap into the deeper aspects that you have been unable to do through the usual processes and thereby make enhanced choices!

The cards do this with an accuracy that surprises many newcomers! Revealing different aspects of any situation, and yet always, always guiding you how to deal with these in empowered ways! This is the Tarots’ plus point- it never leaves you wringing your hands in despair, and instead gently guides you what to best do about any situation!

As, someone who both reads and teaches the cards, I find it an invaluable self help tool, to answer those questions that confront each of us time to time: whether it is about how to tackle that all important relationship; how to choose between career options; what to do about specific situations, or where to look for deeper fulfillment…if you have a question, any question …the Tarot has meaningful input, specially for you!

It is my goal to make the tarot as user friendly and self-reliant a tool as the dictionary is in every household! For those moments when you cannot share your issue with another, or perhaps when friends and external support systems are not available! For those moments when you seek a deeper, higher, finer answer from within Self…

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