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I will explore this primarily from the point of view of those who seek to ‘learn’ the tarot. Why tarot? What are its strengths; what tempts so many to leap right in?

Firstly, it is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-learn tools of divination! There can be no other ‘best’ reason that this surely! The cards have beendesigned in a way that the layman can ‘hear’ its language loud and clear with just a little exploration, and yes, a healthy dose of passion! You can start effective readings in a short time; yet deepen your skills and interpretations along the way.

Secondly- it is a great self-help tool-, which allows you to communicate with different aspects of self or universal selves without the need of another. Tarot is known to connect you to your inner guidance system -and many renowned tarot readers say that it is indeed a signal to Higher Self that you wish for a more conscious communication! You do not require a mystic, psychic, or interpreter- as the cards do that task! More over, it works like a bridge, allowing you to retain current personality consciousness completely even whilst interacting with the great unknown –unlike other systems such as counseling, hypnosis, channeling, etc

Thirdly, it its wide scope of esoteric knowledge can be used in very practical ways for more than merely mysterious messages! It is indeed designed so that the esoteric and practical combine in meaningful ways for day-to-day application! Its many components handle this with great aplomb: 78 symbolscover 22 major archetype themes/stages/qualities which aid us in understanding deeper spiritual aspects underlying situations. 40 minor arcane help us get in touch with mundane day-to-day situations and moods and confusions so important in ‘real’ life! 16 people cards trace all the masks, roles, approaches or styles we may use or take (covering every dominant personality type) the 4 suits (the 4 elements-fire air water earth- that make up physical life) allow us to explore all the above in the different realms be it- spiritual, passionate, action oriented or, emotional-heart based, relationship oriented, or mental, intellectual, logical spheres of life or practical, material, work oriented areas!! Spreads and card positions further cover everything and anything you can think of! If you have a question, any query, the tarot can give you input! Add the numerological, astrological; kabalistic wisdom and you can go as deep as you choose! Add modern interpretation and you can apply it all in a very current context! Use its psychological facets tounderstand self or the other! Beautiful images trigger of all their secrets within you! I guess you get the picture!

Which brings me to the fourth point- the tarot is an ideal left and right brain tool! The images help you use your own intuition, experiences, trigger points, interprets! And thus is a flexible easy to tune into tool! And yet the ancient and modern wisdom it is based on gives you guidelines deeply inculcated- a frame within which to work- and doesn’t allow personal or bias to completely take you off mark! A developing of your tarot skills truly lies in deeply studying these symbols and yet the other part lies in gaining a personal sense of them through practice, meditation (introspection) and creative work. Much like life! More so, the a-causal processes behind tarot spreads help you move away from purely logical thought procedures-to thinking out of the box and seeing things from a fresh perspective

And so we come to advantage number five! Because of the deep spiritual awareness of the cards, the tarot is an optimistic tool focusing on positive guidance. Nothing is negative- only blocked energies! And the emphasis is how these blocks can change through awareness and self-change! With this in mind, tarot become an invaluable aid, always adding to our lives instead of detracting from the situation by making us feel resigned or disempowered when the road ahead looks rocky! We do not then seek only the ‘good news’ because we know that through this guidance we may now take responsibility for, and make changes in what appears challenging! That’s the whole point of doing a ‘reading’- to use the information you receive to either go full steam ahead, if it appears promising- or to make changes in self if where you are headed seems challenging! Tarot if used effectively always brings you back to self, which is always the true point of power to create a more fulfilled life!

TAROT can be viewed as a multi- tasking tool showing you:

-What’s within: MIRROR!

-Which direction you are headed: COMPASS!

-Other possibilities: FLOW CHART

-Its time to take action: CELL ALARM

-Approximate time frames: CALENDAR OF PLANNED EVENTS

-The viability, ease, and turbulence ahead: WEATHER- VANE

-Your challenges and strengths: BEST FRIEND

-Your spiritual journey: SACRED TEXTS

-Your energy fields- MEDITATIVE DOORS

-Means to hone your intent: MAGIC!



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