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Lot of us talk in terms of ‘meeting’ God or ‘becoming one’ with God, but we all have to become aware - that there is no God ‘out there’ to meet or even become one with. We are going to grow into our awareness of being God. Otherwise it’s like me saying “I’m going to meet my adult Self, I’m going to meet my older Self…. but I’m never going to meet them … I’m just going to grow into being them…!. So become aware that you are going to grow more and more into your awareness of your God Self… and look not to meet god or merge with him… Because as long as you desire to meet God or even ‘become one’ with God then you are going to have a God outside you to do that.

We think our desire and yearning for this divine merger and union with our gods and masters is divine…sacred…very spiritual…but at the very core level it comes from separation! A desire for union and merger only arises when there is some sense of- degree of separation… when there is no separation where the desire for union? Do we yearn to be one with self? With my toe? And as long as we seek ‘union’ till this yearning for ‘oneness’ remains it implies ‘another’-implies a master god to revere outside us- and paradoxically we remain in separation…. the veil however thinned- remains ….and the Godself that I am –that what we really seek- cannot be .

Those on the spiritual pathl path often admire and want to be like those mystics who sit in deep meditation for zillions of years...and yet that is only a phase ...a step in the journey to self; indeed when there is no seperation... you dont sit in dont seek... you live your day to day life in your godhood! Often we admire those who see god...have got gods purnam darshan...but again at its very deepest-once you are with the whole you cannot get the darshan outside you! Its like krishna ..shiva...seeking to see themselves in their purnal avatar...! And so we come back full circle..when shiva chose to see himself...he became the universe and you! and once you become one with your shiva hood...there is no god outside to meet see or merge with....


Prem Nirmal I am Shiva, You are Shiva!We are Shiva, All are Shiva!!Shivoham!

Scherry Commissariat I am Shakti. Without Shakti, Shiva is but 'shava'.........hw abt that?

Divyaa Kummar Actually there is no Shiva w/o Shakti or Shakti w/o Shiva...they are 2 aspects of the One-not two parts; some whatlike saying water is wet and transparent; or honey is sweet and gold... See More…a rose petal is pink and soft; so we can describe these as two aspects of the one, but not really separate them.. Shakti Shiva Prakriti etc are terms to describe different aspects/stages o the Oneness/Whole. Different cultures use different words/labels- such as Void, awareness, creation; or father son and Holy Spirit; Sophia, Father god, The word…etcIn ref to my posting- as long as yearning is present- yes we can say that the (willfully) separated part of oneness- lets call it prakriti –creation- shakti in existence- (as ‘shakti’ in my language is that aspect which never enters the cosmic play of separation- it refers to Void-indeed to the womb of all existence-even awareness-Shiva) has still not wholly ‘merged’… or ‘removed the illusion of separation’ (both statements mean the same thing actually) and thus desire towards merging with Shiva is present; or the desire of Shiva towards shakti ‘coming back’ is present; also known as the rising of the kundalini from root to crown..

Amitt Parikh so its an eternal play of The One (Shiva+Shakti) to take individuated forms as conscious beings or as pure energy.. and continue process of evolution.. as otherwise there is no-thing to do and no-one else to share :)

Divyaa Kummar Bingo!!! And just like in any game we play here-part of self is outside the game-knows i am divyaa and happily playing a game with bleoveds for the fun of it; and part of me is in the game as the player/counter- facing challenges- wanting to finish the game/reach the goal -competing with 'others'...! and when the game gets over...automatically... those ... See Morechallnges or goals or differences ..dissapaear...! Automatically! is the word i am emphasing!During the game we need all of that-or what game!?imagine playing a game where you know what dice you will roll and where you will land -why wld you play? imagine playing a game where in one shot you reach the end-how boring? so existence is like that wow movie or book or game yu never want to finsish as its soooooo good;-

Bangalore ShreeDhar w0w Divya!all that is required [ in my understanding] is:the DISSOLUTION of the EGO, the identity with which the human sentient is caught up with!... See MoreAs Solznitsyn very approriartely mentions in thevery first paragraph of FIRST CIRCLE, and Dr.Eric Berneestablished - that even before one has completedthe 4th year, we are chistled & programmed with a Life script - reinforcing the DUELISTIC existance of I-YOU.As one moves into the domain of WONDERINGabout the Duality intricacies and with the insightsand intuitive precieving of the chimera of Maya,we do recognise the the moments of Eternitythat kinda flickered across the day!From my personal understanding, each day,there have been moments, and mostly innanno seconds, when the EGO dissolves and
AM blessed with the PRASAAD of BLISS at themoment.As i keep edging and seeking to those very special moments, they entwain into a garland Of Pearls and the Conscious Self acknowledgesthe PRESENCE of THAT which makes it all a big DIFFERENCE...............

Amitt Parikh Transformation of lower ego into Higher Ego/Divine Ego or whatever name used.. more and more aligned with The One at the Core... on periphery the so called separateness-uniqueness is obvious..

Divyaa Kummar Thats why i love face bk these days! the interaction-with al l of us adding our 'bit' the larger pciture so beautifullyand yesss its really all about moving from personal to universal concioussness-away from the limted id-thats all;-)) and yess those moments of bliss are when we hv moved out of the peronsal concioussness/ego self-even momentarily

Bangalore ShreeDhar that's when poetry springs forth, music blooms and the HEART enjoys FULLNESS AND FILLEDNESS :-)AM BLESSED for the Presence of each n all of you, in my world here.........

Divyaa Kummar ...and 'THAT' becomes Ah ...'THis'!

Bangalore ShreeDhar :-)

Dimpy Sudan D!!! more i read this ...d more i just LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE.... d last para...AH!!!!!...have shared it on my profil...hope it reachs out 2 more hugz!!!

Anna Novikov so well said! thank you Divyaaaaaa

Kiran Rai “As fragrance abides in the flower As reflection is within the mirror, So does your Lord abide within you,Why search for him without?” Guru Nanak

Padmakshya Vicknes Ramachandran Something extremely meaningful to be written on my birthday..... (though im just seeing it now.... hehe) Love & Prayers B Wt U.....

Divyaa Kummar many happy returns to ..Self!

Jeongjin Lee Yes..we only hav to' reconize' it deeply. People has urge,for returning home,withought knowing what or where they missed to go,for entire purity,nd wholness.And because we missed so much,we wanna give it name,for that we didn't wanna forget what we r missing.'God' But the naming give us idea of seperation,creating another fantasy,that God,and ... See Moredivinity is something another we have to run toward.And if we just trust it deeply,we treat our people as me having another shape.There is deep compassion n friendship. There is acceptance. There is no concept of 'help',since we know we r helping eachother by playing a role.Thank u for sharing Divyaa,to meet another me in u. Wish I would share what I wrote abo it before someday :)

PranicHealing Brooklyn -Remembering and Recognizing Your Self as Divine Essence is the gift of everpresent Power of Grace

Grace Mendoza Great reinforcement of what I know ............ thanks for sharing such powerful nfo.

Divyaa Kummar Thanks, and yes all sharing is only to awaken or reiterate or reafirm...that which is already within!love d

Aruna Radhakrishnan "I can intelectually understand perfectly,fleetingly feel 2 maybe 4 a moment the truth of it and agree with u totally  ....then how do v explain Meera Bai and her legendary devotion 2 Krishna ..This is a perfect example of attaining unity through duality  While writing this i get the answer that she started her search in duality as v all do and it all came back 2 the merger, the unity where she realized true bliss  Is that what it was ??"

Divyaa Kummar-yes i wld say she started with yearning- which IS an imp step along the way! that all consuming yearning is what actually makes the merger' happen'! then she was lost in her bliss; in the union; paradoxically( oh words are soo limted) this union retains a yearning but not of lack! but one of fulfillment!lLike the fulfilled yearning (oxymoron) when we are making love or relishing a delightful choclate;-)

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