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(While this article was written in 2007 it hold true for any year if you arrive at your personal card for the current year)

Determine your personal card for the year, based on a simple computation with your birth date. You may indeed do this every year, and become your own clairvoyant, because truly, clair (clear) voyance (vision) means clear seeing. Through this simple calculation you may see clearly the energies ahead of you and thereby optimize them towards their highest potentials.

Write down your birth date, birth month and the current year in the given order (date, month, year) For example, if my birth date were 24th March and we were in 2007 I would write:

24 + 3+ 2007

Add all the digits of this date, and arrive at a total: 2+4+3+2+0+0+7= 18

If this total is in double digits (i.e. 10 or more) further reduce it to arrive at a single number by adding both the digits: 1+8= 9

The card corresponding to this single digit number (check chart below) will be your personal card for the year 2007!


Each card, and thus the personal counsel it offers you, is based on an extensive system of knowledge encompassing numerology, astrology, ancient wisdom, modern psychology, kabala and other related fields! No card is better or worse, as each offers its own strengths and challenges for the year ahead. You may also scan an image of your personal card (available on my website) and keep it somewhere you can see it often, towards harnessing its energies or to meditate upon.

1-MAGICIAN- Key Words for the year: Power of manifestation! Conscious Awareness - Bold Action- Dynamic results-Communication. As the magicians of 2007, things can come easily to you this year! To utilize this however, you must be wholly aware of what you want, and be willing to take appropriate action towards it. The challenge of this energy is that unless it is grounded, it quickly discharges itself, and thus this is not the year to wait for things to happen for you. As magician you must dexterously assimilate your resources and skills, and direct them into events as per your will. Mercury is on your side, so if you are seeking to make an impact through writing, speech or communications, all you need to do, is make a start! The magician’s energy also helps those of you looking for a new house.

Vacation ideas: Choose ‘happening’, action-oriented, never tried before holiday venues! Pack it all in: movies, theatre, adventure parks and sports! Carry your laptop with you; keep in touch with your place of work!

2=HIGH PRIESTESS- Key Words for the year: Power of intuitive Wisdom! Sound inner judgment & guidance -Patience- Mystery- Esoteric connections 2007 can be a deeply enriching year if you slow down and switch your focus from exterior to interior events. This is not the year where logic can rule, neither is it the year to act, as it is the high priestesses patience and wisdom that will get you results. Listen to your intuition, get in touch with deeper aspects of self, and explore your spiritual side and psychic powers- and you will be pleasantly surprised! 2007 will enable you to bring to light not only the deeper mysteries of life, but also any undisclosed matters that you may have longed to unearth. Do not allow others opinions to sway you, and tap into potent inner powers you never knew existed!

Vacation ideas: Choose a retreat, spa, yoga camp or join one of those spiritual programs you have longed to try. Carry some meditative music with you and those must read books. The moons energies are at work through this card and thus a lake, river, or seaside location will help immensely!

3=EMPRESS- Key Words for the year: Power of Creativity & birthing new life! Profuse growth, joy & abundance, nature & nurturing. Empress, Mother, Nature, Creative Output are all synonyms in the language of this card. Thus it is the year to give tangible birth to anything you desire-relationships, career, or literally to a new life itself. And as all that is born must grow, 2007 brings you opportunities for bountiful growth and its accompanying joy and abundance. The buzzwords are Enjoy! Experience! Appreciate! The challenge of this year is two fold: either tempting you to get lost in a sensuous and material haze or being unable to appreciate the good around you! Take a clue from Mother Nature: give full reign to your creative expression, give freely of your love and nurturing, and the adage “ too much of a good thing can be wonderful” will be your harvest!

Vacation ideas: This is the year to pamper yourself! Choose a resort, which helps you straddle two beautiful worlds- resplendent nature, and the material world of wining, dining, and shopping! Carry your party clothes & a big shopping bag!

4=EMPEROR- Key Words for the year: Power of authority & practical endeavor! Leadership, vision, order & organization, establishing projects & long-term results.
2007 is about the emperor within you. Claim him and stand tall or he will compel you to do so through situations that will necessitate you to lay boundaries and establish your personal authority! However, as emperor, if you lay foundations under your castles in the air, you can establish any ‘empire’ you seek. Thus 2007 is the year for you to introduce structure and order into your life and projects; it is his practical approach that will work, neither dreams nor intuition. This is a good year for emperors to go public, gain recognition, and conquer new grounds or opponents. The challenge is to claim your leadership without becoming dictatorial. Issues with fathers or bosses may arise and can be effectively resolved through constructive meetings and clear dialogue.

Vacation ideas: You may not feel the urge for a vacation this year. However, even emperors need a break, so choose a location where you can break new ground and conquer new activities. The Mountains will offer the best location.

5=HIEROPHANT- Key Words for the year: Power of commitment & groups! Learning, teaching, transmitting ideas; determining or following your beliefs & values; Convention & tradition. If you are a teacher, counselor, trainer or someone with a message to impart, this is the year to establish yourself and reach out in big ways. For the other hierophants of 2007, it is a beautiful year to learn, expand your belief systems, and incorporate new knowledge. However all of this can be enabled through group activity rather than alone! Develop your professional skills through training programs, or join classes pertaining to inner systems of knowledge (yoga, tarot, astrology and the like will draw you). In a hierophant year, it is best to follow the principled route and not revolt against the traditions and conventions of whichever social mores or organizations you belong to. If you are seeking sanction or blessings from higher up’s or those around you, in any area of life, it can be yours through this approach. A good year for formal ceremonies!

Vacation ideas: Temples, churches, museums or cultural attractions will interest you. If you live away from home, you will be drawn to visiting your hometown or family. Carry some traditional outfits, and don’t bank only on jeans!

6=LOVERS- Key Words for the year: Power of love, unity & integration! Harmony and Heartfelt Choices. Lovers is a year card everyone yearns for, and while it offers many wondrous gifts it can ask for equal inner contribution! Yes, most certainly it is the year for meaningful love and beautiful relationships be it through romance, friendship, or family. Teamwork and harmony are your buzzword to optimize these! At a deeper level however, 2007 will also ask of you to love yourself, and build that most vital of relationships-with self! View the people you are closely involved with as your mirrors, and learn how you feel about self! A lover’s year card often implies many choices, sometimes crossroads; and the guidance of the lovers is to follow your heart! The challenge the lovers present to you are to reconcile seeming contradictions, inner or outer and integrate different aspects of self and life into a harmonious and unified whole. Revel in your bliss- love will be in the air…!

Vacation ideas: Follow your pipe dream, for that ideal vacation! Most certainly a year for that second honeymoon or a cruise with your closest friends!

7=CHARIOT- Key Words for the year: Power of single-minded focus & discipline! Movement, mastery (inner or outer), great success & victory.
In the chariot year you move ahead! It is year to claim great success and acclaim! The movement can be an inner moving away from patterns, an outer moving up the ladder, or even a physical move of residence or location. It is a significant year to master abilities or situations, which may well present themselves for you to conquer, but victory rides closely with you, this year. However it is the charioteer’s extreme hard work, and single-minded focus and determination that enables all of this. He also confers on you powers of immense self-control and self-assertion, which must be used to optimize the year. The challenge he presents you is to pace yourself: do not rush too headlong, neither slow down! And a clue from me: 2007 may be a very driven year, so be cautious not to neglect loved ones!

Vacation ideas: A year for a challenging vacation be it a trek, safari or motoring along new never visited territories. You may want to be on the move - keep track with a thorough itinerary.

8=STRENGTH- Key Words for the year: Power of passionate exploration and the unique self! Patience, perseverance, inner courage & compassion.
In your strength year your key questions must be: “Am I doing what I truly desire to do? Am I tapping into whom I truly choose to be?” and if your responses are yes, you are on the right track for 2007! The year will then unravel either as a phase of passionate self-exploration through activities, areas and roles you choose; or a year of accomplishment in deeply personal ways. However this requires patience, self-confidence and perseverance, which the strength year guides you to tap into. Compassion, forgiveness and forbearance must be explored in relationship with self and others. The strength card is also associated with the power called tantra, and you can direct this passion into meaningful projects or relationships or allow it to rule you destructively. Your inner strength will thus be called upon in all ways.

Vacation ideas: Choose a location where you can be yourself and not bother with schedules and external demands. You may find yourself seeking out the sun, so choose appropriately. Bon fire nights will also add the element you need.

9=HERMIT- Key Words for the year: Power of Introspection & self-evaluation! Self-reliance, solitude, mental &cerebral research or seeking; maturity,atainment.
As hermit, and number nine, you complete a cycle this year, and thus paradoxically 2007 can be both a pinnacle and an ending of some sorts. And so that you may set the wheel of your next 9-year cycle rolling with conscious clarity, the year will call forth for deep introspection and self-evaluation. The hermit’s message to you is: “Follow the effective action of the last few years with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” 2007 may thus see you welcoming solitude more than usual, or it coming upon you, with friends, and activities seemingly dispersing. Do not worry- it is phase to enable the next. As hermit however, it is not merely intuitive wisdom you are seeking but cerebral answers to inner questions and worlds! It is the perfect year to receive spiritual or other instruction from a valued source, towards finding your own font of inner knowing. Self-reliance is your buzzword this year. A great year for research in any form. (My personal counsel for those who are not hermits themselves, but have hermit beloveds this year: Your beloveds are not losing interest in you; they only require more ‘space’ this year.)

Vacation ideas: Choose locations that offer you peace and quiet. Mountains, nature walks, retreats or even vipasana will draw you. You may want to go on your own, so prepare beloveds in advance.

And thus we come full circle in understanding our personal cards and energies for 2007. However as 2007 is symbolized by the hermit, the above has an impact on all of us this year (for e.g.: if your birth date is 7th September you will experience 3 with an underlay of 9) and doubly so for those experiencing the energies of ‘nine’ in any of their personal numbers.
Humanity is ready to move forward into a new era of self-empowerment, and it is befitting that it is the hermit who represents this year. Follow his light and guidance, towards finding your own, so that you may truly be the self-empowered human of the next cycle of human experience. As one of the hermits of 2007, my message to you dear readers: “Complete self-empowerment is in complete self-responsibility. Claiming your Creator hood is in becoming aware that the point of power to shape what is happening in your life and indeed your world lies within you! When there is no one outside you to blame or hold responsible, and you come back full circle to self, you fulfill the hermits potential and reach out to the world in magnified ways!”

May the cards guide you to embrace opportunities that make your year meaningful for you in personal ways.

Love from my heart to yours

Divyaa kummar


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