YOU ARE UNIQUE -11.5.2008
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Me, Myself… and I!

Everything in your physical existence is a manifestation of spirit

I am special; I am unique; I am what no other can be. Are you comfortable saying this? Or do you swing pendulum-like from feeling narcissistic and conceited to feeling unworthy and not good enough?

If it is arrogance that concerns you, remember that true humility arises only when you celebrate your own worth and individuality and thus sincerely acknowledge the worthiness of every other. For how you relate to self is your primary relationship, and by moving into increasing states of Self worth and self love to self honor and self reverence is how you will appreciate and revel in every other too!

If it is lack of self worth that deters you then know that each of us is an individuation of the Whole- God or Universe- that the Whole indeed chooses to be, towards experiencing itself in entirety! Each ones purpose to exist is thus unique; each has their special contribution and thus inimitable journey towards that! And in this simple understanding can we truly embrace not only our individuality but of all others’ too! Leading to a double shift deep within: we revel in exploring what we are, rather than trying to be like another; and more importantly we move, automatically from thoughts of being, or judging others desires and plans, as ‘better’ or ‘less than’ ours. Rabbi Zusya’s quote sums this beautifully: “When you go to heaven, they will not ask you why you were not Moses; instead they will ask “Why were you not, what only you could be.” Individuality is thus not to be shunned, but explored as the chalice through which the Whole experiences and expands itself. And when this purpose is accomplished will your individuality merge automatically with the larger consciousness of which it is only an expedition!

And this brings us to yet another understanding- How do you define yourself? What labels do you live by? Expand your definition of self, free yourself from the tags of being this and that, explore latent desires and allow a new you to birth every moment and you fulfill your reason to be! Again a quote, will do full justice to this: "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be- Lao Tzu " For as long as we live within what we have always been or liked we will not give full expression to all that we can be! A clue from me: sometimes when you employ creative visualization, allow a dream to come up rather than always choosing ahead of time what it is you wish to manifest! Try it and you may be amazed at the possibilities that lie within! Which new aspect of yours paints a picture that you can indeed step into and bring alive?

As we become all things, qualities and experiences within us, and appreciate all that reflects outside us, we move from being this that and the other to being all that is! The very purpose of human life! And in this does our individuality remain inimitable and inviolate yet wholly in sync with every other! In this do we move from me, myself into the I- unique yes, yet one with all that is! This is the paradox of true Oneness and Uniqueness- they both embrace its opposite! This is how Divine source remains one and all simultaneously.

By Divyaa Kummar

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