THE FOOLS STORY IN FIRST PERSON - A delightful synopsis of the wealth contained within the cards.
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The Fool is Spirit- the universal urge to be-All That I am!

And in you and me- it is this same urge, will to be! What we call desire to experience our unlimited potentials! It is inherent; it is evolution; it is spring! It is what being GOD means!!

Is the fool a ‘fool’ then to take the leap? Or is it true surrender to your real-izing your potentials! Where does this tremendous faith and trust and confidence come from? But from spirit…which knows, there is no thing other than I spirit

And it is with this trust in SELF that our fool looks up and not down in taking this leap! Observe the ledge, which indeed seems to have miraculously appeared –that perfect launching pad into a self- chosen dimension in time and space! And he sings his own unique vibrations knowing they will attract to him all that he has chosen! And carries in his bag all that he needs -all his learning thus far-he is wholly prepared! And his devoted friend the dog- spirit-instinct- inner guidance- assures him of always being by his side! And it is in all this knowing that the fool dons the veils (clothes-density) and takes the leap….into adventure, growth, and making ‘all that is’, ever more!

0-FOOL Ah all possibilities open! Umm what an opportunity to experience all potential! In the sprit that I AM, I trust and & leap into a new beginning…a new adventure…

1-MAGICIAN- Now (as) human, I delight in this conscious awareness of my powers of creation! That I can ‘will’ whatever I choose to be! I have nature’s four elements on display and my disposal! I need only act= Magic! What a magnificent game/journey/experience I have created: all I need is to know is what I choose to manifest! And in this focus, is my power harnessed and directed, to its goal: zap zap zap! How easy is this… how magnificent! (1=Pure Masculine principle)

2-HIGH PRIESTESS- But wait a moment, fool am I and confidently have I donned the veils… and forgotten what I chose to be! Its part of the game- these mysteries and secrets- but where oh where have I hidden the answers? How do I know what to with this power…how do I indeed use it?

And the high priestess murmurs to remind the fool that he is now she the anima principle: “the receptive chalice and the passive womb to shape this power it into meaningful seed! And thus the wisdom and answers are all intact deep within! It is self that is tapped for guidance! I am the doorway to the spirit you as fool have robed! I keep it safe within for you to probe …at your own time …with patience…till you are ready to take it outward for the next ‘role’. “Remember” she says one last time before the fool as empress steps out again: “create within and thus out it shall be” … (2=Abstract Feminine principle!)

3-EMPRESS- Both my above powers (active and passive) now blended -I become their higher expression as: MOTHER! I joyfully express all my abundance through birthing my creations on the physical plane. Ah life glorious life! Ah to experiencing spirit tangibly through the five senses! And the body! And its passions! And of course I see my creativity through bountiful nature and its profuse progression!! (1+2=3 creative feminine principle)

4-EMPEROR- but yes, I will take a clue from the universe & incorporate its inherent structure- natural order- organization & discipline into this free flowing experience called life! I will become FATHER! I will take the responsibility to give pragmatic shape to nature towards more enduring forms! I will don the ego- I will need it to navigate and command the physical self and world!! To lay down boundaries so that ‘i’ am not lost in some cosmic whirl…!

This is good: me, myself and i… But hello! Isn’t there more…! Any one out there…? (Sung like the Neil diamond song!)(4=Constructive Masculine principle)

5-HIEROPHANT- and the fool as hierophant says yes! I move out into the wider world- I join ‘others’ with whom I learn! I move beyond self into a co –creative endeavor!! I meet various schools and organizations of thoughts and their traditions; I educate my self- I determine my values and choose which of the many belief games I will play…! And sometimes, along the way as my inner hearing opens-I help others determine theirs! Wink- I have the blessings and sanction of the higher up’s to do that! (Higher quintessence)

6-LOVERS- ummm that was fun! A wee bit tiring perhaps…I need a dose of spirit…! But…. ‘End Game’ seems so far…? I know! I will fall in love with these ‘other selves’! And touch spirit afresh!!

Ah! LOVE! In this, do I make my very first independent and heartfelt choice! I unite with another and through this coming together I experience once again, the oneness of spirit within me! And reflect its harmony all around me! I feel so good All seems back to square one...ness : no ego, no ‘other’, no outside, no separation, no forgetting…! (This is the unity that is the fool…spirit… and is experienced in the womb! To then go through the game of life and experience that unity as world card out of the womb!)

Ah love! So this is what I feel for self! Even as spirit I did not experience this extension- this emotion! Ah love tangible love! Am I glad I ‘separated’ because now I appreciate the union that I AM! Maybe I should do it again and again…with everyone! Through this great thing called Relationships! Thank god I tasted this now, so early in my journey because it sure keeps me going!

So come hither life- I am ready to play again…! Come hither all crossroads! And choices! Because a vital clue have got through this experience: every time I am confused- all I need to do is follow ‘my heart’ and I will be right on track! Ahhh! Lets come togtherrrrrr (Beatles number sung out loud) (internal integration)
7-CHARIOT- Revived thus, do I charge ahead, to claim a new mastery of self, and taste its victory in external success! I have done it!
I can confidently control those horses… what’s their name …duality! I have conquered its diverse challenges!! Yippee…pheww well deserved even if I say so my self! What a challenging game! What focus and dedication! I must confess there were times I wanted to rush ahead! But pace myself I did- with my higher self in the riders seat! I have won! I have come such a long way baby! One stage is complete!(External integration)

And so now what does the fool do? Rest? He has it all –what he came to do!

The outside- day-to-day- life glorious (conscious) life- dimension was fun! An adrenalin rush! Man and woman! Power and wisdom and family and learning and love & sex and success…!

But he is a fool-he is spirit-he is urge and evolution and spring…he wants more -he wants round 2! This time he is an expert ahem…so a deeper more challenging game he plays!

And thus chooses he to meander in and out of many many secret pathways, with inset doors opening into a hundred different dimensions, within a milieu called the inner mind…!
8-STRENGTH- human power has so many nuances…I have enjoyed them all- but now Love is my power- the crown I choose! It may work a tad more slowly…yet steadily and surely! It unleashes within me an inner strength …no hurry now…you see I played round one...i know forbearance and patience. Accomplishment will be mine… I am magician and wisdom! Yin and yang!
And through this inner union I unleash passionately who I am…i live life out playfully because firmly ensconced in self I am! Fearless am I of the journey ahead…because deeply integrated am I within. It is with this confidence that i am ready to ride out of the cheering crowds…to go deeper into myself… (Unified female (&male) energy-Tantra)

9-HERMIT- I slow down and switch my focus from ‘out’ to ‘in’. Not frightened am I of its solitude or introspection for what do I find here- but of course- my Eternal Self! I use its guiding light towards deeper truths. I seek answers…. vigilantly do I now venture forth alone… and realize ‘deeper is higher’ and new heights do I touch within. That there is no other! There is always only me! And through this re-search my light shines brighter…reaching out to fellow travelers…guiding them as it does me!

(Unified male (& female) energy - roles are more fluid: ‘He’ can be ‘she’ and go deep within! Yet use yang thinking and mental acumen!)

10-WHEEL OF FORTUNE- Eureka! I finally understand destiny! Empowered am I, not puppet. And I look forward to what I have created! And what a turning point this is– in embracing the events I have set into motion…I do not resist their momentum…& ride each wheel of change to its higher octave…! Firmly centered and ‘still’ am I in the hub of this profound knowing…and thus the spin does not upset me, buy allows unexpected breakthroughs!

Oooooh i love the Ferris Wheel- what a ride to create! Not trying to hang on to a stagnant base- but finding stability in the game of change! In this grand vision do I doubly enjoy the world outside- and I do not allow the wheel to slow down! For then the game will take a turn…for I will now not sit out and let the wheel roll on…! (Destiny)

11-JUSTICE- and I am half way done what I came to do! This is where the wheel deposited me! Goody I took it! Now it’s a home run: Look at my scales- the wisdom of cards 0-10 on one side, and 12-21 on the other. I hold them in my hands- I take full responsibility for my creations…

…And for my life experiences! Being Spirit is a responsible thing to do! The game I play is called “justice!” (Wink, some call it karma!) Justice= life truly just is …what I choose to make of it? It mirrors for me all that I have chosen to learn- all is my cause and my effect! In this do I now use my sword of inner discrimination; in this do I with equanimity take fair and impartial outer decisions…. (Karma)

12-HANGED MAN – aha ‘fooled’ you! It is not me that hangs in reverse- but the world indeed! I look from within and the world from out! We see different views…and mine allows me to hang loose! I let go- I accept- ah the blissful experience (and paradox) of these opposites being the same! The light of this new perspective floods my face! Oh spirit again! You flood me anew! Super-consciousness calls, I am on the way back home again! (Pure being/ experience)

13-DEATH- Death!? Have I come so far to die? Oh no…no longer ‘fool’ am I, for I have understood that Death is not in death, as you know it; it is but in stagnation! And what you call Death is but to be eternally anew! And in this awareness it is death and fear that dies, not me …or you.

And thus I am astride the horse- patterns, the worn out, the limited self cannot stand in my way- move or I will need to move you!

I shed the extraneous-I am born again.The ego too. It will use spirit as its navigating tool!! I fool will further play the game yes-but as phoenix- and not with the old rules!

14-TEMPERANCE- and what do I find? A new glorified self!! I spread my wings of this powerful beingness; the card cannot contain them indeed! Henceforth I will use their widespread balance& blend life’s many aspects.

Temperance will be mine… not to any of dualities extremes will I need to swing. I am spirit i am man i woman i am love i am rest i am movement I am emotion and logic … i am the alchemy of my highest potentials I can be a little of all and in that be more! One foot here and one in heaven…

And now the fool is Mighty Being; he is Angel indeed- in touch with his purest qualities and can live in both worlds simultaneously. But…does he? He is the fool! He is spirit, evolution, the urge, spring….! And wholly empowered with spirit he leaps again and deeper still this time!

So he winds his way down into the devils domain …and deep into the moody moon’s sub-conscious mind…and then up those misty peaks where you would think nobody is there- bit it seems that universal tourists seem to be increasing in droves! The board half hidden in the mist reads… “ Super-consciousness!”

15-DEVIL- ah devil I fear you not now, as prepared am I to face all shadow selves lurking within! For limitations and fears they are, and not evil! I will use the light of higher self, &its humor, to break free of the deeper vestiges of bondage. I will master the material and allow it not to enslave me to its greed. I will suppress not, nor manipulatively over power the other- I will not obsess nor will I cave in! I vow to move away from limiting negative choices forever…

16-TOWER- and for what I cannot do voluntarily, I will arrange an explosion a shattering if need be. It will not be disaster as much as revelation & release. Yet I appear as lighthouse ahead of the crisis- so fool be not, and instead be alert to its warning! Either way I will humble you, remove what is suppressed … so that as the debris flies & the dust settles will i be able to…

17-STAR- …rest in peace & tranquility. Inspired anew will I be by my beautiful reflection in this crystal clear water of truth. And as Hope will fills my heart I will tap into its rich pool of creativity. Blessings will I then count as love and joy springs forth afresh through this healing and cosmic protection of the stars.

18-MOON- and yet the last frontier is to be traversed- and I delve deep into the past and subconscious self to move beyond all illusion and veils and its subterfuge and deceptions. More so- past the fear of the shadowy unknown! Sometimes I access psychic selves, sometimes a vivid imagination! But yes, more often than not it is charged emotions that surface and confusion that rules. Yet through it all the moon assures me that the night must pass, because the sun must rise with the new day…

19-SUN-and it does! Liberation and Enlightenment indeed! The journeys goal accomplished- conscious knowledge of my divinity! Glory, glory halleluiah! Radiant with joy and love, abundantly do I emanate this newfound vitality and clarity! Fool am I evermore! A new fool however- divine child born from the divine marriage of life glorious life! I realize I am everywhere…

20-JUDGEMENT- my transformation is complete- what a reawakening! I stand between my alter selves- uniting all duality. I turn my back on good or evil -I rise out of the coffins of limited being-I realize there is nothing to judge, nor ask forgiveness for! In this absolution do I rise from behind the high priestesses veil. To face the truth she had veiled - the profound gnosis that there is no thing like truth, for it begets untruth! And that is duality-in my new being, only the supra consciousness of love is.

21-WORLD- and in this beingness can I experience heaven on earth! I can rest and simultaneously revel! I can be witness and dancer! I am fool, I am life, I am spirit indeed…. integrated into a dynamic whole. And Wholly fulfilled am I poised again to begin….

And then…

Compiled by divyaa kummar

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